Marathon Monday: Alanna Foxx with “12 Side Hustles You Can Start…”

Here’s a short video from YouTuber, @Alannafoxx, giving us-Millennials “12 side hustles” that can make a difference in someone’s life. Watch, take notes, start today and make quick savable money. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra money in your pockets.

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Love Letters from Jamaica

Wandering through strange lands always ignites juicy memories. A life changing week occupied with my best friend on the island of Montego Bay. Who would turn down such an opportunity? *crickets*

Soooooo BOOM ! It’s the first week of October, 6am Eastern Pacific Time, and the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is damn near empty. It’s our first time out the country after a long year full of work, stressful situations, and a whole lot of change. So yes, we were running to check our bags in and then to Concourse C.

Anyway, we were lit. Operating on four hours of sleep, a little high, while drinking the rest our Vodka and lemonade , it didn’t matter were the last group on our flight. We were en route to the Port of Miami and then Montego Bay here we come! It’s crazy how many times my dreams changed up to this point. From being a Veterinarian at age 5, to being the first black female president at age 9, to being a military police in either Navy or Marines at age 15, to going to undergrad to become a JAG Officer in Navy at age 19, until now just wanting to tell ” OUR” stories and travel the world with the love of my life at age 26; my passion is to create and enjoy these many creations.

Nevertheless, I manifested two years ago that I would travel to memorable lands. It wasn’t until recently that a trip to Jamaica was first on my long list. Two months, my best friend started planning it, and wanted me to come along.

It’s 11:00 am Jamaican time, and it’s already 92 degrees. It’s hot-hot outside, and we could careless. I’m in Montego Bay with my best friend and our plans include eating a lot of drlicious homegrown food, drinking ALOT Rum, smoking ALOT homegrown tree, exploring tourist attractions and local stops, and fucking shit up the whole time. The first two days was defina lituation. We went on two days full of excursions. I’m talking about driving ATVs, Horseback riding, watching CJ (crazy Jamaicans) jump off 85 feet cliffs at Rick’s Cafe, climbing Dunn’s River, and touring Bob Marley’s childhood home in Mount Zion. Yes, yes we smoked good tree and payed homage to the King of Zion and the beautiful Rastas. I don’t know what I enjoyed more;the traveling two to three hours a day from MB to Negril or engaging in life changing activities with strangers, who turned into life long travel buddies by the end of the trip.

We received the friendliest customer service from the locals. Everyday these loving black people greeted us with happy smiles, delicious Appleton Rum drinks, warm fresh food, and a ” Welcome Home” chant. At the end of the trip, yes Jamaica was our home and no one wanted to leave.

Bittersweet is more than a corny saying here. The Jamaicans we met wanted to leave their home to travel to the states and around the world just like us, and we wanted to stay in their land. Prior to this trip, I hadn’t seen my bestfriend in five months. I was stressed out, tired, and hungry for adventure. Now, after traveling abroad, Jamaica has become one of my new homes. I miss my home. My home is pure happiness and childlike explorations. My home is living in the moment and smiling all day long without trying. My home is seeing my bestfriend smile and watching the way her eyes light up after a fat joint and a cup of sour amarettos. I was home. I was in love with Jamaica. Maybe I’m speaking from privilege and my westernized experience of the third world country, but I’ll be back for more. I hope more people, especially black people experience this heartfelt country.

First stamp on passport, but definitely not the last. Thank you for the many hugs and kisses, Montego. We’ll be back!

The Marathon Continues

Dear Future Black Daughter,

I love you so much. I will continue to learn and unlearn the self hate drilled into my community, because I love you. I love you means I see you. I see before eyes can, words can, and even others can state their opinions. I love you so much that I embrace and love me first and foremost, because in order to express those internal feelings to the future Queen, I must be it. I will eat my medicine and continue to educate myself and practice these self care mechanisms, so that you can also practice these self care attributes. I will hold my head up higher than any Mt. Kilimanjaro, and I will only allow high frequencies and vibrations around me, so before you are born you can feel real authentic energy forever more. My Queen you are more than enough. Yes, I wanted you and I always will. Your skin complexion is enriched as marbles; your smile is perfect; you are treasured; you hair is as strong as your rooted soul and inheritance. I come to you first and say if you ever forget or stray away from these truths, you close your beautiful brown eyes, quiet those outside and inside thoughts, feel your inner being of what I gave to you before you were born, and in which you already had before your physical body entered this dimension.

P.S. Thank You for choosing me, and allowing me the privilege to experience a love I couldn’t remember until now.


A Black Queen

Expectation Breaker of the Week: Aoki Lee Simmons Speaks on Racist Bully in School

Shout out to these intelligent, beautiful, young Queen. Aoki Lee Simmons goes on Live discussing her experience on a teenage racist bully calling her a nigger since the beginning of high school. Yes, her parents and her have went to the administration and reported these incidents, yet nothing has been done.

Watch this video and tell us in the comments what your input is regarding Miss Simmons point of view.

INSTA-World: What’s Next?

Welcome to the New World Order. Yes, a New World Order, and I don’t mean a secret black shadow society where one percent of the wealthiest families control every political, economical and social attribute around world. No, not that NWO. INSTA-World, a world where people from different backgrounds, from various generations living in a modern era where they can have anything that they desire appear in a blink of an eye. Insta-Food, Insta-Love, Insta-Socialization, and Insta-Economy. Oh, how they world is changing.

Insta-Food. We can get food pre-made, prepackaged, precooked from any part of the country or any part of the world delivered or carried out to us anytime we want. With all the Insta-meals and easy ways to prepare foods, how healthy can the ‘food’ we put into our bodies, whether its vegan or full of artificial preservatives, be for us. It’s sad to be ignorant about what’s in our food, because consumption manufacturing companies can exaggerate or avoid detailing exact ingredients in their items. Are our greens really greens? Are my mixed nuts actually Non-GMO? In this Insta-World anything is possible.

Insta-Love. Insta-Love has a nice ring to it. Fast love served on an online platter, because in this Insta-World we don’t have enough time or patients to actually speak to people in person. I mean, most of us spend 8-20 hours a day working, whether in an office, in a store, or in front of a computer in ‘so location’. Who has time to meet the love of their life at a grocery store or the local fitness center? Not, me. I don’t have the natural social skills to physically or verbally approach a human being in person without feeling the stench of racy anxiety throbbing throughout my soul.

Insta-Socialization. I know you’re probably thinking why didn’t Insta-Socialization come before Insta-Love. I don’t know why. I’m a millennial so I’m a little backwards, and I suffer from mental issues derived from the Insta-Craze. Either way, in the last 10-15 years the rising epidemic of social media has interrupted our daily livelihoods, by becoming as routinish as waking up in the morning and brushing our teeth. Let me check my Facebook page or Instagram before I start my day.

Our cellphones are always in our hands. Our notifications are constantly binging us to check the latest post from YG’s new album that dropped on Spotify this morning. We are becoming walking, talking computers.

Our natural social skills that we’ve spent our early childhoods molding and developing in after school programs, at camp and awkward family events are slowing but surely dissipating. Who follows me on Instagram and likes my vlogs on YouTube are more important to me than a day out with my Day 1s downtown Atlanta.

Insta-Economy. Yes, Insta-Cash. Did you know that today anyone anywhere can accumulate millions of dollars doing surveys online for local businesses? Or you and your latest boyfriend/ girlfriend/ situationfriend can create a YouTube channel, spend hours a day recording pranks, reaction videos, and daily vlogs and become a wealthy overnight celebrity. No more working a 9-5 job that you hate or love (depending on the person), saving money for decades to later retire at 75 years old in Miami in your fancy new three story RV. Work less, save more, invest in Crytocurrency because big banks suck and ultimately steal your money, and live your best Insta-Life.

Sounds like fun, huh? I ask alot of questions to pretty much say when do you slow down and be here. I’m a 90s baby. Meaning that I was born in 1993, and lived my early childhood in the 90s and 2000s. Until this day, those were the best days of my life. Yes, I sound like one of those old people from ions ago bashing on the new times, but I just miss enjoying being in the present moment and experiencing things as they are, not what people want others to think they are.

Artificial. Fake. Plastic. Fast. Ineffective. Wasteful. All these synonyms to explain this Insta-World. Yes, it has its perks such as viewing the world in many perspectives at any giving moment; or creating your own business no matter your age, race or educational background; or even learning and unlearning all the things in the past that were forced fed to us as children. Catch 2020. I’m just saying anything made fast and easy won’t be cheap, and anything made easy and cheap won’t be fast.

Let this mariante and give me your input on this Insta-World that we are living in today. Pros. Con’s. Let me know in these good ole comments.

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Morning Affirmation

Never let the feeling or situation of right now affect your tomorrow.

The end game has to be that feeling that pushes through every obstacle of right now.

Those big pictures must be the driving force to keep going.

You are your biggest support system.

You are your boss.

You are your middle man.

You are the reason.

Let’s allow our daily gratitudes be the motivation to the dreams turned action turned blessings we receive.

Marathon Mondays: Follow Your Omens. Follow Your Dreams

I only want to be around people who are courageous enough to ignore outside forces, be in the present moment, avoid negative energy, and follow their hearts. Follow your omens and live out your dreams. The journey is the lesson, the fun, and the perks of the destination.

Unconsciously, I forget to live in the moment. Subconsciously, I also remember and and beat myself up about it. I realize, as I write this at work, that this all apart of the journey. There is no wrong or right way. It’s just is. Everything WE are going through and are experiencing is ALL apart of the journey. It is all apart of the design. Fate is.

I’m a writer so I write. I am love, so I motivate and act on my inner. I am a traveler, so I shall travel. These are my connections. These are my mantras. These are my omens. I am always attracting the creations of who I am and what I deserve into my life. This is me reminding not only Expectation Family, but also myself to ALWAYS remember anything is possible. Just Keep Going! “Never stop dreaming. Follow your dreams.” -Old King (The Alchemist, Coehlo, 1988).

What are your gifts? What are your dreams? What is your omen?

Leave a comment and let us know what you love to do. Let’s motivate each other. Let’s collab. Let’s inspire each other. Let’s practice who we are.

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Marathon Mondays

New week. New Grind. New post. Feel your inner in everything you do, even if you forget find yourself in everything you do. The journey, the test, and experience is different when your heart and soul is leading the path, so enjoy each moment and keep going. It’s only you in this race called life, let’s see if you beat yourself. The Marathon Continues…

Thanks, Nip. All love my brother. Keep penetrating this world from the other side, so we can go “higher and higher” !

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R&B Wine Tasting

What’s going on Expectation Breakers? We’re grateful to be back posting frequently with amazing content.

Every week we make it our duty to update you guys on new topics, great new artists, motivational quotes, and highlight some incredible and talented young business owners and entrepreneurs showcasing excellence in their communities.

Every other Sunday, Aniysa, @conceitedmuch (Instagram), a wine educator, host, and entrepreneur hosts a wine tasting with a variety of brands and flavors of wine, cheese, grapes, and other delectable snacks for her honorary guests. Each guest is greeted and divided into different groups in an atmosphere of networking, great music, and positive vibes amongst inspiring minds.

After each group has the pleasure of smelling, tasting, and understanding the significance of each brand and flavored wine, everyone gathers in a round a bout for a sip and talk. We collect our thoughts, discuss our weekly goals in our lives, in our passions and crafts, and in our spiritual growths, and hold each other accountable the next week’s visit to accomplish those weekly goals that we discussed in the get together. The night ends with many solo or group conversations about our businesses and creatives works, possible collaborations, and a r&b soiree.

If you enjoy eating great food, drinking and learning about various bottles and bodies of wine, and socializing with brilliant millennials in Atlanta, join us Sunday Nights with @conceitedmuch (Instagram) at the location for @randbtasting (Instagram). The next wine tasting is Sunday, May 26th. To purchase a @randbtasting (Instagram) ticket click the link below.

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Everybody needs a smooth reset! Wind down from a long week & get ready for a new one with Wine Down Sunday’s! First up Atlanta! April 28th from 5-7pm, come out & discover new wines, mingle, and engage in conversation/network amongst other like-minded entreprenuers like yourself! @randbwinetasting Ticket link in my bio‼️ Videography πŸŽ₯: @moses_rivers β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #atlantawine #winetasting #networking #atlantanetwork #atlantaevents #eventsinatlanta #midtownatlanta #buckhead #atlantablackbusiness #supportblackbusiness #atlantawomen #womeninatlanta #entreprenuer #atlantaentreprenuer #discoveratlanta #atlwine #atlanta #winelovers #thingstodoinatlanta #ilovewine #foodandwine #instagood #cheers

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