Jaden Smith: Pushing Limits and Setting Trends


Jaden Smith, a 16-year old actor and rapper, has recently been seen out in public pushing limits in fashion, pop culture, challenging self-love, awareness, and not caring what anyone thinks of him. On April 17th, Jaden was seen partying it up at Coachella in Indio, California. He was sporting a long-drapping shirt/dress, with black flowy shorts, and a big red rose headband. Much like his new music on his EP album, “This is The Album”, Smith’s outfit     defies every man-made rule suggested by society, and pushes limits that many people haven’t seen. He has been photographed in public expressing himself by going against gender role clothing. Instead of wearing t-shirts and pants, Jaden has decided to wear dresses with short-shorts, and or with pants. This has stirred up controversial conversations on what type of clothing is considered gender-specific or not.

Plastered all over his social media sites such as Instagram (@christiangrey) and Twitter (@officialjaden), Jaden vouches to stay true to himself, whomever he is at that moment. He attempts to not allow other’s perception of him and his family cloud his love for self-expression and creativity, which is inspiring for people of all ages. Today is a new day, and we should expect the unexpected! Jaden Smith and his msfts are doing whatever they want. They are not looking for any suggestions from the public, and especially not from the media.

Look out world! It’s 2015 and it’s time for a change. From the famous lines of Jaden Smith’s sister Willow Smith’s song “I Am Me”, “Be you! Do what you do . Hold your head up high, everything is gonna be alright…”  Let’s not be afraid to cross boundaries and show the world who we really are. Thanks Jaden for sharing your positivity, your courage, and your awesome sense of style!

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