Book of The Week

Every week we select a book that inspires us to read for the fun of reading. This week I have selected THE BOOK OF UNDERSTANDING by spiritual guru Osho. 9months ago, I delved into the courageous world of spirituality and self-love. While browsing on young actor/ rapper/ enthusiastist Jaden Smith’s instagram, I came across an unusual author named Osho and decided to start reading his books. Since then, I have read over 9 of his books in the time span of 9 months.

The BOOK OF UNDERSTANDING uncovers the idea of creating your own path to freedom, while allowing yourself to find yourself. It opens up the intrinsic passion for self- acknowledgement, while ignoring other’s perceptions of you. Osho urges the youth, or anyone willing to stop and take a look at their lives, to re-evaluate who they are as a human being. This book invokes questions like, “Who are you without the many masks of society, your parents, the president, and other external forces?”.

You should take as little as 5-15 minutes of your busy day to pick up THE BOOK OF UNDERSTANDING by Osho, and allow your mind and heart to be entertained by beautiful words. This is not a stuffy read. It provides an unusual and humorous dialogue to simplify the understanding of the audience. Anyone, at any age, can join this journey of reading a book  every week; even if it isn’t one of the books we encourage you to read.  I hope you enjoy this quick read, and discover who you are as an individual!


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