No Expectations 4 Us: Who Are We? What Are We About?

No Expectations 4 Us is a blog, an organization, and a movement that promotes youth empowerment. Young people are usually the last group of people to give their input in worldly and societal issues. No Expectations allows young people, ages 18-35, to express their opinions, their interests, and voice their ideas on controversial issues such as race, gender, gender roles, love/hate relationships, religion, politics, and many more topics.

We interview young people that are musicians, poets, writers, artists, filmmakers, producers, actors/ actresses, models, etc. that are trying to make a name for themselves in their field or industry. These people are creating their own lanes in a world where there are limited opportunities and restraints on what people can do or say. We love to see people take control over their lives, and people that aren’t afraid to be their ‘true selves’. There are NO EXPECTATIONS for people like us. We refuse to follow rules, and we won’t let outsiders dictate their perspectives on our lives. We look for people that stand out, and make their own rules. We vouch that, in life there are no rules when it comes to following your dreams. We want the youth to do them. Be themselves, and we want to hear their perspectives on whatever they want to talk about.

No Expectations 4 Us post blogs and photos of “What’s New and Fresh”. We look for people who are different and versatile. We post quotes of the week, books of the week, new music from known and unknown artists, and we interview people who are breaking expectations in their communities. We are a group of friends, or close-knit family, that express ourselves in ways people are afraid to. No topic is off limits!

Now that you know who we are, and what we are about, let’s get to know you guys. You can post comments, ask questions, take polls, and follow us on our social media sites to contact us. We will reply to you ASAP. Thanks for following our journey.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: NoExpectations4Us

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