Young & Successful: Instagram Inspirations

Instagram is a social media site that allows users to take and share pictures of their personal life and attributes. I follow a lot of young people who have set the bar so high, when it comes to following their dreams. Instead of taking the easy road, and acquiring jobs and or careers that anyone can do, these young people have chosen career paths that they are passionate in. I’ve been following Kyle Bailey, @KyleBaileyhd, on Instagram for almost four years. I’ve also been following Ca’Shawn Sims, @CookieeeDough, on Instagram for two years. These two young people share different career paths, but are both very inspiring young black jet setters.


Kyle Bailey is one of the founders of BxC Studios. He is a creative director, an independent international producer, a writer, event coordinator, visual marketing director from New York. He is known for his impressive creative style of acquiring high definition quality in his work. Bailey emphasizes the phrase, “Dreams come true”, in every thing he does. As one of the founders of the profound BxC Studios, Bailey and his team specializes in visual production, educational workshops, and executive producing. BxC Studios has been noted as one of the elite independent production studios with projects in feature films, music videos, commercials, and documentaries. Kyle Bailey lives by the words, “find your passion within”, which he illustrates in his hard-work ethic. Bailey inspires young people like myself, that are beginning their journeys in independent film, to reach for the stars. I watch Kyle Bailey’s Instagram in amazement, as he motivates me to continue my exploration into the competitive world of screenwriting and film-making.


On the other hand, Ca’Shawn Sims is doing great things, as well. Sims is a 24 year old fitness guru from Dallas, Texas. I follow her back-breaking fitness videos on Instagram, because it inspires me to workout more and eat better. As a health coach and personal trainer, Ca’Shawn Sims exemplifies the epitome of young people getting into shape. She uploads videos on Instagram and YouTube, and maintains a blog with health and fitness tips. Her website is a cool way for her clients and followers to get to know her, contact her, use her services, and sign up for her 30 Day Challenges. It’s refreshing to see such a beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious young woman like Ca’Shawn pursuing a predominately male driven career, such as fitness. I see Ca’Shawn Sims exceeding expectations for young people seeking a future career as a personal trainer. Not only is she kicking “butts” into shape, but 5129938_origshe looks great doing it! She leads by example in her fitness, healthy eating, but stresses to the public that she isn’t perfect. She states that she has cheat days every so often, but still maintains her fitness routines.

Overall, these two paragons of expectation-breakers are pushing limits. I love to see people with great drive, dedication, and devotion in things they love to do. Kudos to Kyle Bailey, an outstanding young director and executive producer setting precedents in New York. Also, kudos to Miss Ca’Shawn Sims, for teaching people “how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle”. I want you guys to know that your phenomenal work hasn’t gone unnoticed!

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