Fashion Will Never Be the Same: Clothing Designers

418006_366310150121520_260536384_nEvery week we write about what’s fresh and what’s new happening in our communities. I follow people on social media sites who are vehement about their craft. These young people are exceeding expectations in their everyday lives. I try to surround my real life and my online life with creative, elevating, and sensational people. On Instagram, I follow a few clothing designers. These diligent young clothing designers are building their businesses from the ground-up, and are expanding their companies in miraculous ways. These designers are @FreshandJae, @TheInfamousJC, and @IAMJAYRU.

Fresh and Jae are two celebrity clothing designers and stylists from New York City. @FreshMadeIt is the young CEO and designer of this business, and is always seen out launching his brand in cities like NYC, Atlanta, LA, etc. @Talk2Jae is Fresh’s partner, who helps design some of the most extravagant clothes out right now. Fresh and Jae specialize in designing eccentric hand-crafted pants, jeans, joggers, sweatpants, shirts, flannels, hoodies, but are famous for designing their embellished jackets. If you want it, need it, or have seen your favorite celebrity wearing select items from Fresh and Jae’s collection, you can contact them and have them design it for you. They have worked with celebrities such as Chris Brown, Tyga, Trey Songz, Rae Sremmurd, August Alsina, and Fetty Wap. You may have seen Chris Brown and August Alsina rocking their red and plaid flannels at the 2014 BET Awards, but didn’t know it was designed by Fresh and Jae. Well, now you know! If you want to learn more about these two amazing designers, you can follow them on Instagram @FreshandJae, @FreshMadeIt, @Talk2Jae, or follow their success on


Another prodigious clothing designer that is exceeding expectations is @TheInfamousJC. I’ve been following Jerry Carnation on Instagram for over 3 years. He is the founder and creative director of Kloud Clothing, which was established in 2010. I am always impressed by the fabulous new streetwear that @KloudClothing puts out. Kloud Clothing Co is a Florida based company that specializes in soft tees, tank tees, snapbacks, team caps, jackets, hoodies, and many more apparel. Kloud Clothing has an authentic and casual look with a skateboard-chic meets afropunk style. It looks comfortable enough for anybody to wear. Be on the look out, because I will be sporting Kloud Clothing real soon! Keep pushing out marvelous products. If you want to contact Kloud Clothing, or purchase streetwear go to their web store

0020103 Kloud-Clothing-Co-Banner-kayliegh_zpsddc8dxb7 tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640

Last but not least, @AmmoStilo. Ammo Stilo is a clothing company founded by Philadephia’s own Jared Richardson and Trebor Adams. I’ve recently followed @IAMJAYRU on Instagram a couple weeks ago, but I was immediately blown away at the Ammo Stilo gear. Ammo Stilo clothing has an urban streetwear look with exuberant fabrics and styles. Ammo stands for “Another Money Making Operation” and Stilo represents a Spanish style. Anybody with an incredible fashion sense can rock Ammo Stilo, which launched their extravagant tees,  Blossomed Varsity jackets, and infamous “Stilo Rose” snapbacks in 2014. As a Philadelphia native, I know that the fashion world in Philly is competitive. If you’re from Philly you have to rock the flyest, the newest, and the hottest gear that’s out! Ammo Stilo is just that. I know that this is just the beginning for Ammo Stilo, but the present is looking really good for you guys, so I know the future is in your hands. I hope Jared and Trebor knows that I will be rocking the “Stilo Rose” snapback real soon, just wait on it! To purchase or contact Jared or Trebor for Ammo Stilo clothing, you can shop on their web store

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All three clothing companies are ran by a group of go-getting, intelligent, young black males. These young men are considered some of the hardest working men in fashion right now. They are delivering stylish, comfortable, and unique streetwear that anybody can wear. They probably haven’t noticed, but I’ve been watching them. I look forward to seeing these guys continue to grind, hustle, and exceed expectations.

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