AfroPunk 2015: Jaden & Willow Smith


Afropunk is an annual music festival celebrated in the spring and or summer in the U.S. and worldwide. The Afropunk movement was formed in 2002 by Matthew Morgan and James Spooner. These two gentlemen wanted to establish a movement to give a voice to thousands of unnoticed and unrepresented multicultural kids, who have a lifestyle of freedom and creativity. Afropunk is a combination of indie-rock, punk, or hardcore scene music. It is a movement and festival that allows Black Punks in America and around the globe to come together and rock out to amazing music, while expressing their alternative culture. These people are alternative urban youths, worldwide, that feel like outsiders. Black Punks are the foundation of the Afropunk movement, which is growing rapidly in everyday communities.

On May 23rd-24th, Jaden and Willow Smith performed at the Afropunk Festival in Paris, France. Both Jaden and Willow Smith are known for their creative- eccentric, open-minded, non-conforming, melodic music. These teens sing and rap unconventional tunes that represent the new sound of today’s generation. They sing and rap about the way they see the world, and changes that they are making to make the world a better place. They vouch to continuously love themselves first, love their environment and the people in it, but also to stay true to themselves. They’ve been speculated as being bizzare and unusual kids, because of the abnormal knowledge they live by, but that’s what makes these two so cool!


Willow Smith, 14 year old singer, song-writer, and musician, took the stage first. She sung songs off her new EP such as “F Q-C #7”, which stands for frequency number 7; and her famous 2010 hit “Whip My Hair”. With great poise and electrified energy, Willow performed like a pro! Jaden Smith, 16 year rapper and actor, took the stage alongside his younger sister Willow. Jaden set the stage on fire wit his song “Msft Movement”, which made the crowd go crazy. After a couple of live performances, Jaden took his long-tee off, and continued to rock out on stage. In the audience, Jaden spots Lenny Kravitz, famous actor and infamous rock star, vibing to his music. What an honor it had to be to see a legend like Kravitz enjoying his music and performance.


Overall, the Jaden and Willow Afropunk festival experience looked and sounded incredible. Not only was it their first time performing at the festival, but this Afropunk festival was the 1st European version in Afropunk history. I only wish I would have bought tickets to go see these two perform. They’re such an inspiration as free-spirited individuals, who do what they want. Their music is amazing, and I’m not just saying this because I’m a huge fan! I have to listen to their Soundcloud stations at least 5 times a day including before I start my day, during my day, and after my day ends. I applaud these two young ‘Expectation Breakers’ for a job well done! Keep giving us awesome music to rock out to.

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