Message of The Day

Too many times we are faced with our own realities and perceive them as fallacies. We sometimes watch other people and listen to their anguish when they feel like they’ve failed in something that they really wanted to do, and ‘believe’ that will be our fates. Failure only comes from within. When you don’t try= Failure. When you give up= Failure. When you try something and continue to work at it, even if the results aren’t as miraculous as you want it to be, that is success.

Follow your realities, because your realities are your living dreams!

Published by NoExpectations4Us

No Expectations 4 Us is a group of intelligent, creative, artistic, and inspiring young people willing to push the limits of societal expectations and voice the issues of today. We want to show the world a first look of up and coming artists, musicians, entrepreneur, writers, videographers, comedians, actresses, etc. These young people are following their dreams in any and every field and industry they step in, and refuse to look back. We share videos and posts of interviews on issues such as music, poetry, race, gender/ gender roles, religion, non-religion, spirituality, sexuality, love/hate and any other controversial issue that can be debated. We publish your views. We voice your opinions. We show your photos, and we acknowledge your accomplishments to show the world how amazing the youth is.

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