Entrepreneurs of The Week

11326715_1496538490599575_643155378_nLast week, I wrote a blog post about ‘Black Business’ highlighting the need for more black people to start their own businesses and to support black businesses. At the end of the post I said I would feature young black entrepreneurs whenever I have a chance, since I follow an abundance of young entrepreneurs on my social media accounts. This week I have two amazing young people that I follow on Instagram that are involved in Black Businesses. These young people are Mr. Larry Henry, Instagram name: @facemurder, and Miss JeLisa, Instagram name: @DopeAmine.Rush.

Larry Henry, aka @Facemurder, is a  33 year old brand ambassador for the alcoholic beverage Premis Cognac. Larry grew up in Queens, NY. As a young man, Larry has overcame adversaries of being a product of his environment, to being a creative representative of the very popular drink @PremisCognac. Mr. Henry was influenced to join the operations of Premis Cognac when he saw his friend/partner @_Joetheboss_ making his dreams a reality with this product. @_JoetheBoss_ had been developing this product for over 10 years, which was phenomenal to actually see him develop the drink into such a great movement for alcohol. Larry Henry considers himself an expectation breaker as an entrepreneur because he was expected to be either dead or in worse conditions than he is now. He rejected the materialistic world so he could evolve into a great man, a great business partner, and an outstanding human being. To contact or purchase Premis go to http://premisbeverages.com/age-verification/.


Representing for my ladies, we have Miss JeLisa, @DopeAmine.Rush, who is a business owner of the business, Enkased Originals. JeLisa was first inspired to invest in herself when she realized that she didn’t want to work for someone for the rest of her life. She designs and creates unique and embellished cases for cellphones, tablets, mirrors, cosmetics, etc. She also makes organic beauty products that includes body/hair butter, scrubs, and soaps. She does her research on the product she is making, buys the materials, and gets to work on the products. She is an advocate for purchasing from black suppliers because she is a supporter of black businesses. JeLisa is very conscious of what products she is using in her beauty products. She reads labels and ensures that she knows what she is putting in her product. Her next investment is to purchase organic natural butters and organic oils from Ghana. JeLisa feels that presentation is key to a great product. With every purchase of her product, she includes little knick-knacks that stands out, and will ensure she will have loyal costumers that will always come back for more. To purchase products from @DopeAmine.Rush go to https://www.etsy.com/shop/Enkasedoriginals?ref=search_shop_redirect.

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Overall, both Larry Henry, @facemurder, and JeLisa, @DopeAmine.Rush, are the leading exemplars of young black business owners/ partners. Henry, I see nothing but fascinating opportunities for the @PremisCognac drink. The drink is already a great success story, but will continue to grow as you and your team push for mainstream recognition. Miss JeLisa, I wish you the best of this amazing business venture that you just started. I know it is difficult to get any recognize at first for anything in life, especially a small business, so keep your head up. You have a great supply of alluring cases and beauty products, and I hope this post will get you more business. To both Larry and JeLisa thanks for the opportunity for me to be apart of your very successful businesses, keep breaking expectations as young black entrepreneurs!

Thanks for reading, and you can follow these two entrepreneurs on Instagram @facemurder and @DopeAmine.Rush for further information.

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