Msfts Movement


Who are the Msfts and why is their movement so important? Msfts aren’t identified as a group of people, even though there are people that identify themselves as Msfts. To be a Msft is to undergo a reviving lifestyle. These uniquely individuals, and I quote ‘individuals’, renounce their previous lives as beggars, and choose to
see, breathe, and live out their third eye. To be enlightened among a society filled with oblivious zombies is very brave.


The Msfts Movement has been notarized by famous actor, rapper,  singer and worldly enthusiasts, Jaden and Willow Smith. In May 2015, at the Afro Punk Festival in Paris, France, Jaden Smith performed his hit single Msfts Movement to an outrageous crowd of music lovers. Rocking his wild and free dreadlocks and Msftsrep clothing, Jaden partied on stage speaking about being a free-spirited individual. He is an advocate of self-expression and unifying the people of the Earth as one. It is the duty of the Msfts to show the rest of the world through love, music, individuality, creativity, and actions that being yourself is good enough. Loving yourself first, and then loving other for who they truly are is all the world needs. mqdefault

I, vouch myself as a Msft. I refuse to live in a world blinded by the obvious and chaotic unjustified actions of my past and others. As a Msft, I am finding myself, loving myself, growing as an individual, and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Everyday is a chance for human beings to help others, as they help themselves. Msfts are rebellious people who reject the world as close-minded pretension robots. Shout out to Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, and all the other amazing Msfts for embarking on this Msfts Movement!

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