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IMG_8997We are back this week showcasing an amazing young black entrepreneur who is breaking expectations in his every day community. On Instagram, I follow this astounding page @HBCUPrideNation, who are a group of HBCU alumni students that promote and pay homage to our prolific HBCUs and future students of HBCUs. On this prestigious page @Mp_Rucker was introduced to me in a Instagram post, in which @HBCUPrideNation acknowledged his great work as a HBCU student and entrepreneur! I was so fascinated with his amazing story and accomplishments that I wanted to share it with my viewers and followers.

Question: Who are you?

Answer: My name is Quenton Rucker. I’m a 22 year old Shaw University Undergrad student from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a Mass communications major student, and a member of the Shaw Bears Football Team. I play quarterback #12, I own my own company named “QRucker Productions LLC”, I’m a member of the 100 Black Men of South Metro Chapter, and I’m a graduate of the Mentee Program. As a member of B.E.A.R.S “becoming empowered achievers by empowering students “, my company upholds and provides promotion videos , photo shoots , business cards , shirts , graphic designs , Logos, websites , weddings , family portraits , workout videos , event planning , and much more! IMG_8990

Question: What influenced you to start your own company?

Answer: In high school, I had a teacher by the name of Mr. (Coach) Williams and he was my broadcasting teacher. He taught me so much about mass comm and film and everything that needed to be learned for a young film maker. I fell in love with cameras and using my creativity to produce things, and he laced the street for me to walk down. In my high school, we had early colleges and mine was of course, Mass Comm! We use to make TV shows and show the entire school on Friday morning, and I loved seeing people’s reactions to such great productions. IMG_6993

Question: Do you have any partners within your Company?

Answer: Not officially, but I work with different people, such as Gorilla Films and my bro Korey Merritt ( Shaw U grad). I also worked with Joshua Coates director of “Deliver Us From Evil “, and also Ashford J Thomas on a project called Howton U! Bentley Evans (Producer of Martin and Jamie Fox) is my mentor so I guess you can say I partnered with them.

Question: When did you start your company?

Answer: I started my LLC on June 13th, and since then I have been working with numerous projects and events. IMG_9203

Question: Was it a struggle starting your company? Why or why not?

Answer: The process of starting a LLC was quite difficult, but with help from friends and parents and goggle lol I was able to do it in a timely fashion. Since about 2013, I had plans and goals to achieve my LLC, and I did it this year. People may say 2 years is a long time, but it was worth the wait and patience because I did it the right way.

Question: Do you enjoy going to a HBCU?


Answer: ABSOLUTELY! My HBCU is like no other. Shaw University is the mother of so many great HBCUs standing today. Right out of high school, I received a scholarship to play football at NCCU (North Carolina Central), and after 2 years I transferred to Shaw University in Raleigh. The relationships and connections I made at my school are indescribable. My teachers are my best friends, and I can go to them anytime for a talk or just asking for guidance in life. I feel like you can’t get the same attention at PWI or bigger schools with more students. The people at HBCU are hungry as well. HBCU schools have produced some of the most influential people walking among this earth!

Question: How do you feel about being a black man in today’s society?

Answer: Honestly I feel strong! I feel like I broke the chains and jumped over obstacles that a lot of people can’t do. The fact that I’m in school playing football , a member of the 100 Black Men Of South Metro, and also own my own company says a lot about who I am and where I come from . My roots are stronger than any cop, white man, judge, lawyer, congress, KKK members, or anything that is inferior to me. I feel confirmed and confident walking around, because I know no one can take my knowledge away from me. We all should feel the same way. There’s no reason why you can’t make it to the top. The days when we used to say we can’t do something because of our skin is over! We got a black president, you can’t tell me nothing!

Question: What do you want to tell your followers and supporters?

Answer: One love! Follow my Instagram at @Mp_RUCKER and Facebook Quenton Rucker ! Any photo and video or promo needs my company will provide for you! Flyers, promo videos, commercials, weddings, family pictures, photo shoots, anything you can think of is available with Q RUCKER PRODUCTIONS! And also support me September 5th as we take on the NCAT Aggies! I play Quarterback #12! Show love on and off the field! Much love, 1!

Thank you so much for reading! Follow Quenton Rucker and his expectation breaking productions company on Instagram @Mp_Rucker. The No Expectations 4 Us Team is very proud of you and all of your accomplishments, so far. Keep breaking down these walls, breaking down barriers, and continue to be an outstanding young black entrepreneur in America!

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  1. I am proud of and blessed to have had an opportunity to watch Quentin develop I to an outstanding young man. I look forward to what God has in store for him in all of his endeavors.


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