TheReal_Holliwood: Model

10948837_1552216365049894_897123731_nI know I’m always choosing amazingly talented individuals from my Instagram to highlight and give probs to on here, but it’s so hard not to! Today, I would love to give a brief acknowledgment on one of my amazing followers on Instagram @Thereal_Holliwood. She is a 20 something model from Syracuse, New York. Even though she is a New York native, she is always spotted in a different city every time I get on IG, and she even travels out of the country. Every time I log into my Instagram account, she has a very inspirational quote, a motivational video message (that she also uploads to her YouTube Channel), and very edgy photos.

I wanted to highlight this amazing person, Miss @TheReal_Holliwood because she is a walking testimony. I always see her on IGtumblr_nmvct096MK1raqo4ko1_500 grinding, hustling, not just as a model, but as a hard working human being. She lives by the motto, “I am the prototype, I can’t be duplicated”, which says a lot about what type of person she is. I admire her and her determination, her warm and huge heart, as she slowly but surely changes people’s lives every day at a time. It is a plus that she is a Gemini lol, and I think it is a hilarious and cool that her birthday is a day before mine. I digress!

A couple months ago, I saw her make a few posts regarding the passing of her mother aka her best friend and backbone, which broke my heart. For the last 3+ plus years I’ve been following @TheReal_Holliwood and saw how strong her and her mother was while dealing with her mother’s sickness, and I looked up to her for being so humble. To go through such a heart-wrenching experience, and still have the heart, the strength, and the will to motivate others to never up in their everyday lives, and to be themselves, is very adoring.11187071_1441704369474351_756205153_n I would love to say to Miss @TheReal_Holliwood keep your head up! You are amazing soul with great and creative talent. Maybe one day you can star in one of my screenplays/web series. If you want to contact @TheReal_Holliwood for bookings, business, or if you want to just check out some extraordinary photos follow her on Instagram @TheReal_Holliwood, or check out her photos on

Thanks for reading!

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