Zora Neale Hurston | Teaching the Youth to Overcome!


“The mind is essentially free to go where ever it wants. Your mind is what your reality follows. Therefore, to stay confined in narrow circumstances is your own fault.”

– Mastery | Robert Greene –

Our youth today are being bombarded with negative influences through by their personal circumstances, music, video games, and television. A good thing to take away from the biography of Ms. Hurston is that your mind and the things that you put into it will determine your reality. Even when the odds are against you, once you make the conscientious decision to seek knowledge and focus your energy on building your dream, you too can be successful for expanding your mind means expanding your opportunities

Above the Horizons

imagesFrom housekeeper to well renowned writer, Zora Neale Hurston was able to comcombine hardwork and apprenticeship to lift her to new heights. Hurston’s love for books sent her on a frenzy to read everything that she could find. Spending most of her time alone lost in her imagination she began creating her own tales that she later planned to write down. Hurston was a passionate individual, whose plan was to take the world by storm with her soulful tales that focused on human nature.

At home, Hurston’s father considered her to be displeasing. Therefore, upon the death of Hurston’s mother, he decided to send her to Jacksonville for school. He initially paid her tuition but eventually left her to fend for herself. Seeing that she was no longer getting help from her father, she decided to take on a job as a housekeeper. As time passed, Hurston began to realize that he had less time to focus on her gift and fell into the slump of working class slavery.

Lucky enough, she did not choose to stay there for long. She began broadening her reality by immersing herself in any literature that she could find in the homes. In this, she was able to reignite her creative flames which pushed her to eventually become one of the most legendary writers of her time.

Published by ImSoFrankie

Frankie is an East Atlanta native who grew up with an uncompromising love for music. Since childhood, Frankie has always had a song in her heart. Writing was one of her outlets to the world. From poetry to writing songs, Frankie has always had something to say. Frankie's vision was to give underground artists, who produced state-of-the-art music a platform to display their talents. That is what inspired her to create musicontheroll.com. The site was designed to cater to the underground market of the music industry, by recognizing the accomplishments of artist who produced music with substance.

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