Wake Up Wednesdays: Who Are You?

Who are you? Who am I ? Two simple questions that most of us cannot answer without misrepresenting ourselves based on outside interference. We have always been told who we are by others. free-spirit-mind-body-and-soul

Our parents gives us a name, so that we can be identified, when we are born. They tell us where to go, what to do, who to hang out with, how to act, etc. Then we have our teachers, who for years, teach us to follow an educational system that is set up in a way to control the way we think. Most educators don’t allow room for students to be individual thinkers, refuting the idea of creativity. Next, we have our pastors. They preach from a book that supposedly has all the answers about life, about who we are, and about how we are supposed to interact in the world. Last, but not least we have the most influential entity in our lives, society. Society tells our parents, our teachers, our pastors, and anything and everything else how we should live our lives. We have books, laws, policies, morals and values that tell us “what is right versus what is wrong”.

All these people, systems, and voices are amalgamated into a big ball and crammed into our heads. This ball is called our “thought process”. Many people may mistake these thoughts as their own thoughts, as their conscious, as their soul. This is NOT our conscious nor our soul. These are lies.

At 22 years old, it has been 11 months since I decided to follow my own heart, my soul , and my conscious, in order to remember who I am. It is difficult to negate those voices from outside opinions, in order to remember who you are, but it isn’t impossible. A person must get to a point in their lives to want to do things on their own. It takes a brave and rebellious soul to follow their own path to their inner being. cosmic-consciousness1

The best part about remembering who you are is experiencing change.  Yes, change is inevitable, yet so many people are afraid of it. The journey of experiencing you as you are, without anyone’s input, is to allow yourself to receive such a blessing. It’s easy to allow idles to distract you from enjoying life. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself, who you are. Meditate. Love truly, and remember you.

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