Protest Generation

What is a Protest Generation? 022715-politics-protest-black-lives-matter

First and foremost, we are the voice of the new age giants. Some people call us “Millennials”. Others call us the “Digital Age” junkies. Some are influenced by our rebellious nature. Most people ignore our hunger for self-expression. But we are here to stop the “norm” of our robotic societies!

Today, we are living  in the tender age of “self-expression”. Yeah, everybody says they know about people having the ‘Right of Free Speech’, etc etc etc, but who can actually practice this notion without being prosecuted by the public? There are so many loopholes in our Constitution regarding certain kinds of people, but for the masses these sacred loopholes aren’t rationalized to us. This is why the Protest Generation is wanted and needed in rebelling against what society perceives as ‘normal’. 1963_march_on_washington

Our generation didn’t live through the historic Civil Rights Movement, with courageous organizations like SNCC, Nation of Islam , and the Black Panthers Party protesting for equal rights for brown skin people. It’s not just about race. It’s shaking up our way of life. That doesn’t mean we aren’t inspired by their rebellious ways, and passion for change, because today is a new day!

Society wants people to believe that there are limitations for living in this world, but Millennials are embracing the liberation of being oneself. The Protest Generation see passed their bullshit. These individuals have marched on ‘Wall Street’, marched in D.C. so many times, marched in Ferguson, Missouri, and recently marched in Texas against Donald Trump’s Speaking Engagement. Our fresh souls will continue to protest the streets on issues against the whole. This generation is tired of waiting to see change happen.  We’d rather make it happen! 0,,18496442_303,00

Let’s break these yield barriers against constraint and divided societies and become one body. Protesters may be against the norm, but aren’t aiming to dismantle the universal vibrations of awareness. We are not into to artificial political figures. We aren’t into living in a world where the poverty rate is 1/7th of the world’s population. There’s no excuse. We are ALL interconnected as a human race and human beings. The Protest Generation are uniting souls!



Published by NoExpectations4Us

No Expectations 4 Us is a group of intelligent, creative, artistic, and inspiring young people willing to push the limits of societal expectations and voice the issues of today. We want to show the world a first look of up and coming artists, musicians, entrepreneur, writers, videographers, comedians, actresses, etc. These young people are following their dreams in any and every field and industry they step in, and refuse to look back. We share videos and posts of interviews on issues such as music, poetry, race, gender/ gender roles, religion, non-religion, spirituality, sexuality, love/hate and any other controversial issue that can be debated. We publish your views. We voice your opinions. We show your photos, and we acknowledge your accomplishments to show the world how amazing the youth is.

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