Interview: DrekoFli

We are back this week to introduce you guys to the musically proclaimed Hip-Hop artist DrekoFli from Atlanta, Georgia. Omari Jones, aka Drekofli, is a 20 year old Savannah State University student that is doing all it takes to express his art in rapping. If you don’t know about this young man, here’s a chance for you to find out.

1. Who are you (the man vs. the artist)?

Omari Jones is Dreko Fli. Dreko Fli is Omari Jones. Dreko Fli is just my stage name. A name created by me for me lol. Omari is the lyricist, the painter, the photographer, the graphic designer, etc. Family and friend known. Dreko Fli is the performance, the entertainement. download

2. What is your craft(s)?

Music, Painting/Drawing, Acting, anything dealing with visual and physical arts.

3. When did you start pursuing your craft?

In the 4th grade. I began rapping at the age of 9 after I made my first rap song for science class. I enjoyed it ever since.

4.  Who or what influenced you to pursue this craft?

I have two influences. Multi-grammy award winning artist, Lil Wayne, a.k.a my musical idol & my brother. I always wrote raps with my brother, many of my first raps were made alongside my bro. We used to write raps to other artists instrumentals.

5. Is your craft a hobby or a longtime career choice?

Both. A hobby is doing something you love to do on a daily basis & a long-term career basically defines itself lol. I love making music and I plan on doing so for a very very very long period of time. download (1)
6. What made you choose to attend college?

My mother. My decision was not to go to college. She applied for me and I got accepted so I figured “why not”

7. Was SSU your first college choice? Why or why not?

I didn’t really care about going to college. I didn’t have a first, second, third choice.

8. What does “I been had the juice, just never drunk it” mean to you?

Lol, that’s my slogan. I feel like I always been the coolest and most respected person at the end of that day. I’m just so humble and calm/relaxed that I never realized it till as of late. I’m not the type to flash and stunt and brag on others to make myself feel better, but people and myself know I have the capability to.

9. What musical artists helped influence your musical flow or sound?

Many many artists help me build and strengthen my skill. I study the game so often from old artists to new artists. I would say many of my inspirations came from Lil’ Wayne and the ones under his wing i.e. Drake, Nicki Minaj, Mack Maine. Also, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, T.I., etc.

10. Have you recorded a mixtape? If so, what’s the name of it?

Yes, I have two projects out as of now. My 1st album “Truth and Everything”, available on my website. And my newest mixtape “My instruMentality”, also available on my website

11. Do you have a signature song that your supporters enjoy listening to the most? If so, what’s the name of it, and why do you think they enjoy it?

The song I feel people enjoy listening to the most is “So Close So Far’, track 2 off of Truth and Everything. I know so because every reaction to that song is priceless and I was rapping on some really lyrical and emotional sh*t. That was the first song I shot a music video to & the mastering took a couple days to produce. It was worth it though.

12. What topics or subjects do you rap about? Why?

I rap about everything. I choose to rap about everything because I have seen everything. Rapping to me is venting. So when I make music it comes from my soul and memory.

13. Name 3 musical artists in the industry today that you would collab with.

Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj.

14. Name 3 music producers that you would collab with.

Kanye West, OVO ’40’ Shebib, Dr. Dre

15. How do you feel about empowering young people in our generation? Why?

I feel like our generation is behind in advancement. Meaning we have all the capabilities and ways to progress and be the best for us and the future but we’re stuck in a trans. I love my generation and wish the best for us but we have to get off our phones and get on our grind. I do things and try to do things for my generation like ‘#Flier Education’(a school-supply give-away for the children from my hood. Cancelled due to miscommunication between one-another, but next year will be bigger and better). We should all empower one-another not down one-another.

16. Do you consider yourself an expectation breaker? Why or why not?

I do. Everyday I amaze myself and know I was put on this earth for a reason. A reason bigger than the eye can see, but I know I will achieve it.

17. Do you have a “team” of people that helps build your craft? Why or why not?

I wouldn’t say I have a team because players get drafted & traded all the time, but I do have a family and they all support what I have going on for myself and I support them.

18. If you had a chance to sign to a major label, would you? If so, who?

Young Money

19. What are your upcoming projects that you are working on?

As of now I’m working on my first installment for my mixtape series #FliShit. Expected release date: late December, 2015.

20. What do you want your followers, supporters, fans, and viewers to know about you or what you’re doing now?

I want them to know that their feedback is my fuel. I’ll never stop driving as long as I have gas.

To Contact Drekofli or listen to his dope tracks, hit him up on these social media links below:



Twitter: @DrekoFil

IG: @DrekoFli


Thanks for reading!

-Dreko!, #FliShit.

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