Millennials Breaking Records

millennialsMillennials are the youngsters born during the early 1980s to the early 2000s. We are the proud kids born into the Digital Age of the Internet, Google, MySpace, Instagram, and the co-dependents of cellphones and laptops. We are often identified as lazy, anti-social, greedy, selfish, and many more obscene adjectives that doesn’t live up to the potentiality of our existence.

The older generations criticize the Millennials on our lack of independent nature in the  work force and in society, but they are as dependent on us that we are on them. The difference between our dependency levels vary on the system that was established many decades before we were born. The older generations like the “Baby Boomers” and “Gen X” have developed a society where only certain people, depending on ethnicity and social status, will always prosper while other people, such as Millennials will struggle to fit in.

Millennial-social-media-tipsAs Millennials break out into the “real-world”, they are not letting the harsh criticism and lack of job opportunities deter them from making a living. Millennials are redefining the idea of working. We aren’t just working at corporate offices, we aren’t working just working boring 9-5 jobs just for a pay check, no we are working in professions that we are genuinely passionate in. We are becoming young entrepreneurs employing each other, and creating great new services that the older generation will have to keep up with, in order to adapt to the changing era.

“If they won’t let us in their lane, we will create our own lanes.” This a creed that many Millennials are living by, including the NoExpectations4Us team! There is no use for anyone sitting and waiting for a hand out. Why not do what you love to do, and make a great profit out of it. Isn’t it the American way?  There are No Expectations 4 Millennials,  and we are alright with that lifestyle. We are breaking records by doing us, and shifting the power structure of societal norms.

Thanks for reading!

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