Interview: Nairrad Benjamin

Today, we will be introducing our NoExpectations4Us viewers and music lovers to the amazingly authentic artist, @NairradBenjamin (Instagram name). Nairrad Benjamin, aka Darrian Smith, is a 23 year old musician from Atlanta, Georgia, zone 3 to be exact, that has been tearing up the Atlanta airwaves for many years.  He has allowed our team to ask him a few questions, so that the public can get a glimpse of the man and the artist, so here you go.  tumblr_npdfay6N0u1u0hdmqo1_1280

Question: What schools did you attend (high school and or college)?

Answer: Columbia High School Decatur, GA and Alabama State University Montgomery, Alabama.

Question: Did you graduate from college? Why or why not?

Answer: No, I dropped out to take care of my daughter.

Question: What is your craft?

Answer: I am a musician.

Question:  Did any level of school influence your music? If so, how?

Answer: I was in band in middle school.

Question: I remember when your stage name used to be D Phresh, why did you change it to Nairrad Benjamin?

Answer: I wanted to recreate my brand.

Question: How would you describe your musical flow and your musical sound?

Answer: My sound is a fusion just like the city where I’m from. Arrested development to Outkast to TLC to Future to Nairrad Benjamin.

Question: Have you produced a mixtape recently? If so, what’s the name of it?

Answer: I have a new EP on soundcloud called RUBY. download

Question: What is your favorite song that you have created thus far in your musical career? Why?

Answer: Anything new is my favorite. I’m an artist.

Question: What song does your fans like the most? Why do you think that is?

Answer: I wrote a song called Rehab, and I get a great response to it.

Question: Was it difficult getting to where you are now? Why or why not?

Answer: It takes a 1000 hours to perfect something. I’ve been recording since I was 14. I put in a lot of time.

Question: Name 2 of your favorite Hip-Hop artists. Explain why.

Answer: I like Ty Dolla Sign and Drake, they’re awesome writers.

Question: Do you feel that your music can be listened to by all types of people or is it catered to a certain group of people?

Answer:  Yes, I do. I’ve traveled the world and played my music. That’s my ultimate goal as an artist, to reach the world.

Question: Do feel rappers like Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, and Future have created the ‘ATL New wave’ sound for other ATL artists to follow? Why or why not?

Answer: I don’t care what or who anyone follows. I’m going to continue to make music I love to make.

Question: Do you feel like the rest of the country, especially Hip-Hop artists, imitate the ‘ATL new wave’ sound to have popular music? Why or why not?

Answer:  Again, I don’t care what or who anyone follows. I’m going to continue to make the music I love to make. However, southern culture is trendy in Hip-Hop now, but I don’t make Hip-Hop. 543213_10150899693352755_1824370617_n

Question: Does your fashion sense or style compliment your music or vice versa? If so, how?

Answer: I’m particular about everything from my fashion to my music. Checkout my Tumblr.

Question: If you had a chance to sign with a major recording label or stay an independent artist, which one would you choose? Why?

Answer: Right now it’s Regency Park Records and we’re looking for distribution!

Question:  What do you do for fun or self-expression besides create authentic music?

Answer: I love getting tattoos and shooting guns!! Lots of drugs and girls.

Question: Do you consider yourself to be an ‘expectation breaker’? Why or why not?

Answer:  I don’t set limits. I don’t hear expectation. I attempt to excel at everything I do.

To follow Nairrad Benjamin’s musically and social movement, he wants you to “Stalk me on snapchat: Nairrad Benjamin and download RUBY! I love you”, so show him some love!

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