Book of the Week

1548150It’s been awhile since I suggested a book of the week, but I’m back with gold. For the last two months I’ve been flipping through the pages of The Spiritual Path:  BUDDHA, ZEN, TAO,  TANTRA  by Osho. I absolutely love Osho, and I have been reading his books for over a year now. The honesty that he has with words and truth is fulfilling. In this book he highlights the experiences, the strengths, and the different stories incorporated about Buddha, Zen, Tao, and Tantra.

I find it to be a relief how someone like Osho can discuss and break down the different subjects of these spiritual realms. Everyone of his topics in this book overlap and intercede with one another, so that subconscious and conscious individuals can get a glimpse of areas that they are or are not familiar with. Many people may or may not be familiar with Buddha, and may not understand the significance of his spiritual path. Osho highlights his life, along with others like Lao Tzu, through his experience in existence , which is so relatable in today’s society. 602163_505491976164928_1555638897_n

If you are interested in exploring the truths of the world, the truths of existence and the connection between truth and your inner being then this book is a great pick for you. This book is both entertaining and a catharsis to the soul. If you’re closed minded and academically limited then the beauty of Osho’s words may not penetrate your reading palate or evolving soul. But this book can definitely be read by people of all walks of life, because Osho is as open as the Spiritual Path he speaks about.

Thanks for reading!

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