TRS Tuesday

TRS, @TRSMuzik (Instagram name), is back with a new track with female rapper Leiyah, @Uhdoseofleiyah (Instagram name) called #INC. This song gives you a 1990s meets 2000s real authentic Up North, inner city rap vibe with a southern twist of influenced rhymes. This track was produced by hit maker @RGtheBeatizCrazy, (Instagram name), which shows his […]

Book of the Week

I’m back this week with a #1 NEW YORK TIME’S BESTSELLER book of the week. This book that was written by Steve Harvey with Jeffrey Johnson, Act Like a Success Think Like a Success is not just any book for anybody. This book is for go getters and people determined to be successful in their crafts. It’s […]

Message of the Day

I have heard many people say or have seen post on social media of many people saying that they want to be happy. These people want to be happy without any worries or cares in the world. These people want to live life freely without any struggles in the world. These people want to feel […]


The rise and spread of terrorism has changed every corner of the world in all aspects of life. The significance of strengthening national security, social culture, transportation, and even the livelihood of economics has become the world’s main focus in the last 10-20 years.  It is obvious that terrorism has been prevalent in the world for […]

What’s Fake and What’s Real?: The Entertainment Persona

The New Digital Age, a cute little nickname given to the 21st century generation of technological advancements. This nickname stretches beyond the fixation on inventing and improving human life into lazy bums, it also includes the sick obsession western societies have on social media and reality TV shows. I remember growing up as a kid […]

CHIRAQ- Movie Trailer

On November 4, 2015,  prolific New York native and filmmaker Spike Lee released the movie trailer for his recent film “Chiraq”. This movie depicts the horrific violent city Chicago, and its rapid killings of young people. There has been plenty of speculation from young native residents and native Chicago rappers that disagree with Spike Lee’s […]