Book of the Week

L9780062220325I’m back this week with a #1 NEW YORK TIME’S BESTSELLER book of the week. This book that was written by Steve Harvey with Jeffrey Johnson, Act Like a Success Think Like a Success is not just any book for anybody. This book is for go getters and people determined to be successful in their crafts. It’s definitely a must read!

I just started reading this book last week because I was craving my usual reading appetite, and I stumbled upon this book in Walmart on sale. I saw the title of the book with a big picture of Steve Harvey on the cover and was immediately amped to purchase it. I remember hearing about this incredible book last year, but never took the time out to read it. I felt the Law of Attraction pulling me towards this book, and I couldn’t leave Walmart without getting it.

One of the first lines I read in this book was “I have written these pages with many people in mind- whether you are a college student, a recent graduate trying to find your way in the work world, a retiree seeking what comes next, or someone who is on top trying to stay there.” I automatically was like, “Yeah, this is my kick me in my ass and push me into another level book!” I’m an undergrad graduating college in December and, I need genuine motivation sometimes to keep me elevating in my writing craft. I love how Steve Harvey tells his story from struggling as a 9-5 worker in different fields, to his first amateur night at a comedy club, to dibbing and dabbing in different ventures that has made him a successful mogul today.  He breaks down the book in four parts such as “When Enough Is Enough”, “Discovering And Embracing Your Gift”, “Maximizing Your Gift”, and “Creating Your Legacy”, incorporated with mini questions and answers to answer while reading along. He has a way with words that will motivate and inspire all types people from all walks of life.

If you know your gift, or are seeking your gift in life, or if you need something to read that will “guide you to a life of riches” and happiness, this book is definitely for you. Go to Walmart, Amazon, or to your local Barnes & Noble and purchase this ravishing guide book to an amazing lifestyle!


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