Sipping “Cream X Coffee” With Damn Write Originals

DAMN WRITE ORIGINALS Nakia Stephens FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 15, 2016 DAMN WRITE ORIGINALS BRINGS DRAMA SERIES “CREAM X COFFEE” TO A SCREEN NEAR YOU  Dynamic Webseries Tells The Story Of An Accidental Love Emerging Between An Interracial Couple After A One Night Stand; Damn Write Originals Illuminates The Evolutionary Mixed Dating Scene of […]

What’s Hot And What’s New?: Hottlanta The Movie Premiere

Last night, the NoExpectations4Us team came out to support Mr.217, @two7teen (Instagram), and friends on their new movie Hottlanta. Hottlanta is a coming to age film about two friends, @two7teen and @Beyondrich_yt, from Atlanta, Georgia who are trying to become more relevant in the city by entering in a dance competition. They come across the […]

To Pimp the Grammys 2016: Kendrick Lamar

Last night was a special night for music lovers, music artists and any and everybody in the entertainment business. The 2016 Grammys had the best of the best in mainstream music in the audience and onstage, such as Justin Beiber, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Adele, and even Kendrick Lamar, just to name a few. Yes, […]

Message of the Day

What I get out of #BlackHistoryMonth, after 22 years of life is not that we are recognizing the first black people or black people that have done great things in history. No, NOT AT ALL. It’s about recognizing people, despite of skin completion and adversity for CENTURIES. Telling our history, which is WORLD HISTORY, acknowledging […]

Interview with Mr. 217

This week we are back with one on one interviews with talented young people who are practicing their crafts in their everyday communities. Today, we have a vlog of Mr. 217, @two7teen (Instagram), getting to know him a little better, while also discussing his new projects such as new music with artists such as Fabo, […]

Save Flint!

Flint is known as the largest city and county in Michigan. Before the last two years, Detroit, Michigan has been in the headlines for over a decade involving financial scandals by its public officials and the increasing poverty in the city. Without nationwide notice, Flint, Michigan’s water sanitation and filtration has become a crisis to […]

Recovering From Slavery

Recently, I started watching @ChelseaHandler (Twitter/Instagram) Netflix’s docuseries/talk show called Chelsea Does.., where she discusses controversial topics with notable guests, business people, and personal friends. These controversial topics vary from marriage, racism, technology, and stereotypes. Yes, all the things we discuss in our schools, barbershops, at home with family, and with friends. @ChelseaHandler is completely […]

Women in Hip Hop

For over 40 years, Hip Hop has penetrated the music industry successfully. What started as a new era of musical style, musical genre, and a way for young black people to express themselves in the early 1980s,  today has become revolutionary. Almost half a century old, there is still speculation and uncertainty of why there […]