Save Flint!

noexpt flintFlint is known as the largest city and county in Michigan. Before the last two years, Detroit, Michigan has been in the headlines for over a decade involving financial scandals by its public officials and the increasing poverty in the city. Without nationwide notice, Flint, Michigan’s water sanitation and filtration has become a crisis to its residents.  In early 2014, after changing its water source from Detroit Water Sewage, which came out of the Detroit River, to the Flint River, its water source has been contaminated with poisonous lead. noexpt flin

The poisonous lead has caused skin damage to Flint’s resident, especially children and its not safe to use or drink. In early 2016, the media acknowledged the rest of the country on the seriousness of Flint, Michigan’s water crisis and many public figures, celebrities, and everyday people have donated money and clean bottled water to the city in crisis. As a Homeland Security Emergency Management minor, I know the seriousness of planning and monitoring natural disasters and emergencies. The importance of securing and assessing critical infrastructure, such as the water sewage and sanitation is prevalent. According to the CDC, “In 2010 89% of the world’s population used drinking water from improved sources, leaving 780 million people lacking access to improved water sources” (CDC, 2015).  The Water Sanitation sector measures the population of improved drinking water sources by “piped water household water connection, protected dug hole, protected spring, rainfall collection, etc.”, meaning one of these sources wasn’t secure in Flint. noexpt fli

I feel like if it wasn’t for social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram many everyday people that don’t live in Michigan or the Midwest wouldn’t have known about it. Public figures such as Big Sean, The Game, Tyrese, and President Barack Obama have donated millions of dollars collectively to counteract such a tragic moment for the collapsing state. In late Decemeber 2015, many families in Flint have filed lawsuits against the city officials, a few officials resigned due to their mishandling of the water crisis. As of right now, the Governor of Michigan has filed for a State of Emergency for the city of Flint, before President Barack Obama filed a federal state emergency. We’ll keep you guys posted with updates on this horrific crisis in Flint. All prays go out to Flint as they recover from this horrible nightmare.

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