Book of the Week: The Magic

the magicIt’s been awhile since we gave you guys a book of the week, but I just finished a great book that I had to share! For the last twenty-eight days, I have been reading this book called, The Magic written by Rhonda Byrne. I was introduced to the author, Rhonda Byrne last year when I stumbled upon a lifestyle documentary on Netflix called The SecretThe Secret is a law of attraction documentary that highlights the life changing experience we get as human beings and creators by being grateful for life. Gratitude and appreciation of everyday people, everyday experiences, and everyday life attracts our worldly desires. the ma

Upon great success of creating the documentary, The Secret, Rhonda Byrne wrote her first book, The Secret, which can be read in 47 different languages. The book, The Secret, became another success for Byrne, so she wrote two more books, The Magic and The Power, which are two more successful gratitude books that give us the magic and the power to attract the life we want for ourselves. So far, I’ve only read The Secret and The Magic, which gave me the magic and the power to appreciate the little things in life, so that I can create the bigger opportunities in my life. Rhonda Byrne gives us the insight to give thanks to each and everything in our lives, genuinely, so we can feel thankful for future wants and needs in our lives. The-Secret-BOOK-and-Rhonda-Byrne_sepia-grade

In the book, The Magic, Byrne gives us twenty-eight days of gratitude practices for health, wealth, spirituality, desires, and relationships. Each morning, we count ten blessings and thank the Universe three times, and then we proceed to the daily gratitude exercise, and at night we hold our gratitude rock and give thanks to the universe for the best thing that happens to us on that day. This book is a life changing experience that can be used every day of each day for the rest of our lives. Even after I finished reading the book, I still practice different gratitude practices to attract and create positive opportunities in my life. If you live by a Barnes & Noble or have an Amazon account, you should most definitely purchase this life-changing book and practice the law of attraction, and watch all your dreams come true!

Thanks for Reading!


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