What’s Hot and What’s New: CreamxCoffee

cream x cof daUpon graduating from undergrad, all I wanted to do is write. Well, that’s one thing I wanted to do. I wanted to go back to Atlanta, look for an apartment, buy a well working car, get employed at the most successful production company in the city, and take a couple trips out of the country. I deserved it! Twelve years of primary and secondary school plus four and half years in undergrad is a lot for a twenty-two year old, but I did it. I always finish what I start, only if I feel like it’s worth it. damn wr

A couple weeks prior to graduating, I saw online that one of my old SSU classmates was looking for interns for her independent production company, and I had to apply. This is the same classmate that inspired me to pursue my love for writing, because I saw so many great things and experiences she accomplished in college, and how she changed her initial plans after graduation. She decided to follow her love for writing as well. Taking risks and doing what we love to do despite what everyone expects of us is a beautiful thing. cream c

Anywho, I was picked among ten other people to help @screenwriteher_ with a new independent webseries, CreamxCoffee. CreamxCoffee is a series about a one night stand between millennials from two different ethnic backgrounds that question their upbringings, due to an unexpected romantic connection. I worked along with the best of the best, @damnwriteorignals; learning new techniques, workshops, and writing schemes. I am so proud and honored to share the first episode of many for CreamXCoffee. Don’t forget to follow @damnwriteoriginals and Nakia Stephens (screenwriter, creator, and director) on Instagram @screenwriteher_, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Thanks for Reading!

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