Expectation Breaker of the Week: Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright, Hip Hop artist/activist/producer, just wrote and shot the music video of his new song “They Know Why” in 24 hours. “They Know Why” is a song in response to the police brutality and inequality in the United States. Thank you, Dizzy Wright for being a kind and creative soul spreading love and awareness […]

Black Lives Matter: March in Atlanta

I was so upset that I was at work yesterday, and I couldn’t join the march in downtown Atlanta, but y’all did y’all thing! Shout out to all my Atliens of all colors, creeds, and backgrounds for showing love for one another yesterday. It’ all about love, unity, and understanding among the masses of people. […]

What’s Hot and What’s New: Jaden Smith/Labor V2

Jaden Smith released a new song on his 18th birthday that is dope af, called Labor V2. He expresses how people react to him being himself, about finally being 18 years old, and about being a young black man in today’s world. Thanks Jaden for amazing music. Happy Belated Birthday Jaden!

Our Independence Day: Alton Sterling

For the last couples of years, I’ve personally stopped celebrating holidays because of the intentions of its establishment. Everyday is a holiday. Everyday is a celebration. One or two days out of the year shouldn’t just be a special day to enjoy life with those you love, nearest to your heart, but then again I […]