Millennials: Should We Have Our Shit Together by age 25? 

Recently at work, I overheard two coworkers discussing the age range when we as people should have “our shit together”, or in laymen’s terms, be settled in into our lives. I laughed out loud to myself, and continued to work. They heard me laughing then asked, when did I think “we”, as people, should have “our shit together”.  I said well whatever I say is based on my perception, so it doesn’t really matter. As usual, or what happens in most of my conversations with people, they asked me what I meant by my statement, so I chimed in a little. Everything we are seeing, everything we are doing, and everything we are experiencing and or discussing are all perceptional. Nothing is as it seems.

We live in a world where we are trained to believe that we have to rush through life, and follow a particular formula in order to live or be “happy” or “successful”. In my ever being this is a false hope. The reality suggested is an illusion of someone elses view of life. 

As young as the age of four or five years old,  we as children are implemented into a system, an educational system that trains and manipulates us to live, breath, and think a certain way for twelve years. We are trained in behaviors to control our young creative and logical thoughts We are encouraged to follow orders from people in higher positions (superiors), rewarded when we “act” in ways our so called superior perceives as “right”, and discipled when our so called superior perceives them as “wrong”. We are put on a timed schedule throughout our day for an average of eight hours, and are always asked or told everything we are doing is important because it is shaping our future.  But is it really? Probably not.

Now, if  we observe all these things and then ask ourselves when is the right age to be settled into our lives to have “your shit together”, what answer do we actually get? How can anyone put an age on a lifestyle of manipulation or control? 

For me, I will never have my shit together, because I will never be settled into my life. I’m always growing, always creating, and always learning. I have the rest of my life to enjoy every moment of each day. If I worry about having life together at age twenty five, I will be miserable and unhappy. I am twenty four years old, in human years, and I am so young. I’m a baby evolving into a child, evolving into a adult, evolving into the universe. Why worry about anything?

 Lets enjoy this life. Let’s enjoy the now. Let’s be satisfied with waking up each morning with the sun shining through our windows. I am breathing today. This is satisfying. I am blessed. This is having my shit together! 

Published by NoExpectations4Us

No Expectations 4 Us is a group of intelligent, creative, artistic, and inspiring young people willing to push the limits of societal expectations and voice the issues of today. We want to show the world a first look of up and coming artists, musicians, entrepreneur, writers, videographers, comedians, actresses, etc. These young people are following their dreams in any and every field and industry they step in, and refuse to look back. We share videos and posts of interviews on issues such as music, poetry, race, gender/ gender roles, religion, non-religion, spirituality, sexuality, love/hate and any other controversial issue that can be debated. We publish your views. We voice your opinions. We show your photos, and we acknowledge your accomplishments to show the world how amazing the youth is.

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