Marathon Mondays: Follow Your Omens. Follow Your Dreams

I only want to be around people who are courageous enough to ignore outside forces, be in the present moment, avoid negative energy, and follow their hearts. Follow your omens and live out your dreams. The journey is the lesson, the fun, and the perks of the destination. Unconsciously, I forget to live in the […]

R&B Wine Tasting

What’s going on Expectation Breakers? We’re grateful to be back posting frequently with amazing content. Every week we make it our duty to update you guys on new topics, great new artists, motivational quotes, and highlight some incredible and talented young business owners and entrepreneurs showcasing excellence in their communities. Every other Sunday, Aniysa, @conceitedmuch […]

Watch “Chapstick Challenge “Tipsy” | Sincere LY Quo” on YouTube

Aye y’all if you’re a Youtube Couple vlogging addict like us them you will love my family Quo and her man’s channel @SincereLYQuo on Instagram and YouTube. Like. Comment. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow them on IG. They’re millennials straight out of Atlanta. No Cap, they have great content and their new to […]