INSTA-World: What’s Next?

Welcome to the New World Order. Yes, a New World Order, and I don’t mean a secret black shadow society where one percent of the wealthiest families control every political, economical and social attribute around world. No, not that NWO. INSTA-World, a world where people from different backgrounds, from various generations living in a modern era where they can have anything that they desire appear in a blink of an eye. Insta-Food, Insta-Love, Insta-Socialization, and Insta-Economy. Oh, how they world is changing.

Insta-Food. We can get food pre-made, prepackaged, precooked from any part of the country or any part of the world delivered or carried out to us anytime we want. With all the Insta-meals and easy ways to prepare foods, how healthy can the ‘food’ we put into our bodies, whether its vegan or full of artificial preservatives, be for us. It’s sad to be ignorant about what’s in our food, because consumption manufacturing companies can exaggerate or avoid detailing exact ingredients in their items. Are our greens really greens? Are my mixed nuts actually Non-GMO? In this Insta-World anything is possible.

Insta-Love. Insta-Love has a nice ring to it. Fast love served on an online platter, because in this Insta-World we don’t have enough time or patients to actually speak to people in person. I mean, most of us spend 8-20 hours a day working, whether in an office, in a store, or in front of a computer in ‘so location’. Who has time to meet the love of their life at a grocery store or the local fitness center? Not, me. I don’t have the natural social skills to physically or verbally approach a human being in person without feeling the stench of racy anxiety throbbing throughout my soul.

Insta-Socialization. I know you’re probably thinking why didn’t Insta-Socialization come before Insta-Love. I don’t know why. I’m a millennial so I’m a little backwards, and I suffer from mental issues derived from the Insta-Craze. Either way, in the last 10-15 years the rising epidemic of social media has interrupted our daily livelihoods, by becoming as routinish as waking up in the morning and brushing our teeth. Let me check my Facebook page or Instagram before I start my day.

Our cellphones are always in our hands. Our notifications are constantly binging us to check the latest post from YG’s new album that dropped on Spotify this morning. We are becoming walking, talking computers.

Our natural social skills that we’ve spent our early childhoods molding and developing in after school programs, at camp and awkward family events are slowing but surely dissipating. Who follows me on Instagram and likes my vlogs on YouTube are more important to me than a day out with my Day 1s downtown Atlanta.

Insta-Economy. Yes, Insta-Cash. Did you know that today anyone anywhere can accumulate millions of dollars doing surveys online for local businesses? Or you and your latest boyfriend/ girlfriend/ situationfriend can create a YouTube channel, spend hours a day recording pranks, reaction videos, and daily vlogs and become a wealthy overnight celebrity. No more working a 9-5 job that you hate or love (depending on the person), saving money for decades to later retire at 75 years old in Miami in your fancy new three story RV. Work less, save more, invest in Crytocurrency because big banks suck and ultimately steal your money, and live your best Insta-Life.

Sounds like fun, huh? I ask alot of questions to pretty much say when do you slow down and be here. I’m a 90s baby. Meaning that I was born in 1993, and lived my early childhood in the 90s and 2000s. Until this day, those were the best days of my life. Yes, I sound like one of those old people from ions ago bashing on the new times, but I just miss enjoying being in the present moment and experiencing things as they are, not what people want others to think they are.

Artificial. Fake. Plastic. Fast. Ineffective. Wasteful. All these synonyms to explain this Insta-World. Yes, it has its perks such as viewing the world in many perspectives at any giving moment; or creating your own business no matter your age, race or educational background; or even learning and unlearning all the things in the past that were forced fed to us as children. Catch 2020. I’m just saying anything made fast and easy won’t be cheap, and anything made easy and cheap won’t be fast.

Let this mariante and give me your input on this Insta-World that we are living in today. Pros. Con’s. Let me know in these good ole comments.

Thanks for vibing with us today !

Published by NoExpectations4Us

No Expectations 4 Us is a group of intelligent, creative, artistic, and inspiring young people willing to push the limits of societal expectations and voice the issues of today. We want to show the world a first look of up and coming artists, musicians, entrepreneur, writers, videographers, comedians, actresses, etc. These young people are following their dreams in any and every field and industry they step in, and refuse to look back. We share videos and posts of interviews on issues such as music, poetry, race, gender/ gender roles, religion, non-religion, spirituality, sexuality, love/hate and any other controversial issue that can be debated. We publish your views. We voice your opinions. We show your photos, and we acknowledge your accomplishments to show the world how amazing the youth is.

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