We Were Made to Create

During my last semester of undergrad I did the bravest thing that I could ever do for myself, I started following my dreams. I quit following the path of what people expected of me and did what I wanted to do. My whole world changed in a blank of an eye and I was terrified, […]

What’s Hot and What’s New: CreamxCoffee

Upon graduating from undergrad, all I wanted to do is write. Well, that’s one thing I wanted to do. I wanted to go back to Atlanta, look for an apartment, buy a well working car, get employed at the most successful production company in the city, and take a couple trips out of the country. […]

Book of the Week: The Magic

It’s been awhile since we gave you guys a book of the week, but I just finished a great book that I had to share! For the last twenty-eight days, I have been reading this book called, The Magic written by Rhonda Byrne. I was introduced to the author, Rhonda Byrne last year when I stumbled upon […]

Message of The Day: Tupac

I was scrolling through Youtube, and I saw this video. This was shot by MTV News in 1992 of Tupac’s perspective of the world and America in the 1990s. He speaks briefly about Donald Trump and multi-millionaires and billionaires being greedy. I can’t wait to see his biopic. Thanks Tupac and thank you for watching! […]

Message of the Day

What I get out of #BlackHistoryMonth, after 22 years of life is not that we are recognizing the first black people or black people that have done great things in history. No, NOT AT ALL. It’s about recognizing people, despite of skin completion and adversity for CENTURIES. Telling our history, which is WORLD HISTORY, acknowledging […]

Save Flint!

Flint is known as the largest city and county in Michigan. Before the last two years, Detroit, Michigan has been in the headlines for over a decade involving financial scandals by its public officials and the increasing poverty in the city. Without nationwide notice, Flint, Michigan’s water sanitation and filtration has become a crisis to […]

Recovering From Slavery

Recently, I started watching @ChelseaHandler (Twitter/Instagram) Netflix’s docuseries/talk show called Chelsea Does.., where she discusses controversial topics with notable guests, business people, and personal friends. These controversial topics vary from marriage, racism, technology, and stereotypes. Yes, all the things we discuss in our schools, barbershops, at home with family, and with friends. @ChelseaHandler is completely […]

Mr. 217 Vlog Trailer

Vlog and blog post coming soon! More about @two7teen (Instagram), more music, more beats, and more @Hottlantathemovie (Instagram).

What Does MLK Day Mean to You?

Yesterday, we celebrated another Martin Luther King Jr. Day in rememberance of a young black activist; preacher; and a paragon of a non-violent civil rights’ leader, in all that he has done for people of color. To some, MLK Day is just another day off of work and school, to others it is a time […]

Book of the Week

I’m back this week with a #1 NEW YORK TIME’S BESTSELLER book of the week. This book that was written by Steve Harvey with Jeffrey Johnson, Act Like a Success Think Like a Success is not just any book for anybody. This book is for go getters and people determined to be successful in their crafts. It’s […]