Expectation Breaker of The Week

Lately, my mission when activating my social media accounts is to follow inspiring and motivating young people from all over the country. I really don’t do it intentionally sometimes, but somehow I always stumble upon miraculous individuals doing courageous things in their lives. One of my many Instagram followers that I follow, @Black_Market_Exchange has an […]

Black People: Why Do We Follow & Not Lead?

As long as I have been alive, for over 22 years, I’ve seen black people portrayed as unimportant people. We have always been compared to our white counterparts, and have been neglected in every aspect of our everyday lives. There is always a negative connotation put on black people compared to white people that has […]

Interview with Jamal Moore: Mr. ‘Phorever Phocas’

It’s been awhile, but we are back with another interview. I’ve been lucky enough to get in contact with such a creative, passionate and enduring soul, Jamal Moore. I actually went to university with this guy, and didn’t know how talented he was with apparel. A couple weeks ago, we did a blog post on […]

Interview: Thomas Overton

Our blog is all about finding the next best thing, “What’s Fresh? What’s New?”, and that’s what we did. We are an outlet for young people in everyday communities, either in Philly, Atlanta, Savannah, or where ever we can travel, to express themselves. We interviewed Philadelphia’s own urban creative writer, Thomas Overton. He introduces himself […]