Marathon Monday: Alanna Foxx with “12 Side Hustles You Can Start…”

Here’s a short video from YouTuber, @Alannafoxx, giving us-Millennials “12 side hustles” that can make a difference in someone’s life. Watch, take notes, start today and make quick savable money. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra money in your pockets. Thanks for vibing with us !

Love Letters from Jamaica

Wandering through strange lands always ignites juicy memories. A life changing week occupied with my best friend on the island of Montego Bay. Who would turn down such an opportunity? *crickets* Soooooo BOOM ! It’s the first week of October, 6am Eastern Pacific Time, and the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is damn near empty. It’s […]

Expectation Breaker of the Week: Aoki Lee Simmons Speaks on Racist Bully in School

Shout out to these intelligent, beautiful, young Queen. Aoki Lee Simmons goes on Live discussing her experience on a teenage racist bully calling her a nigger since the beginning of high school. Yes, her parents and her have went to the administration and reported these incidents, yet nothing has been done. Watch this video and […]

INSTA-World: What’s Next?

Welcome to the New World Order. Yes, a New World Order, and I don’t mean a secret black shadow society where one percent of the wealthiest families control every political, economical and social attribute around world. No, not that NWO. INSTA-World, a world where people from different backgrounds, from various generations living in a modern […]

Marathon Mondays: Follow Your Omens. Follow Your Dreams

I only want to be around people who are courageous enough to ignore outside forces, be in the present moment, avoid negative energy, and follow their hearts. Follow your omens and live out your dreams. The journey is the lesson, the fun, and the perks of the destination. Unconsciously, I forget to live in the […]

R&B Wine Tasting

What’s going on Expectation Breakers? We’re grateful to be back posting frequently with amazing content. Every week we make it our duty to update you guys on new topics, great new artists, motivational quotes, and highlight some incredible and talented young business owners and entrepreneurs showcasing excellence in their communities. Every other Sunday, Aniysa, @conceitedmuch […]