What’s Fresh and What’s New

Yesterday, Kendrick Lamar aka Mr.TDE, met President Barack Obama in the Oval Office in the White House.  A couple of photos of Kendrick with a huge “Koolaid” smile on his face as he hugs and converses with President Obama went viral last night on every social media site. According to Rolling Stone, “Kendrick Lamar talks […]

Let’s Vote Millennials !

Today, the eldest millennial is 36 years old and the youngest is 16 years old.  We are the future, but most importantly we are the present. As millennials, we are either fresh out of high school, fresh out of college, or we are just hungry for different ways to express our independence as  individuals.  According […]

Expectation Breaker of the Week: Keke Palmer

Happy New Year! We are excited to be back this year with new blog posts on beautiful young people following their crafts and being successful. This week’s Expectation Breaker of the Week is the one and only Lauren “Keke” Palmer. I know many of you guys probably already know or heard of this young lady, […]

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year Expectation Breakers! We are blessed to celebrate a new year and keep you guys updated with young people in our everyday communities following their dreams and excelling in their passions and crafts. This year we will have more vlogs, interviews, and blog posts than last year. If you know anybody with an […]

TRS Tuesday

We celebrate most of our Tuesdays keeping you guys updated with the artistic rap duo @TRSMuzik (Instagram name). Today we are sharing TRS’s latest music video shot by @shynegrady (Instagram name), “Money Path”. New music, mixtape, and videos coming soon. Click the link below to view “Money Path”.

Power to the People

This blog post celebrates young millennials killing shit in their latest accomplishments. From selling out concerts, giving back to their communities or other communities, to graduating college, and even selling their first idea, this post goes out to you guys! Thanks for being you. 1.  @TRSMUZIK , @RGtheBEATizCRAZYand @SHYNEGRADY  “How We Get it” music video […]

TRS Tuesday

TRS, @TRSMuzik (Instagram name), is back with a new track with female rapper Leiyah, @Uhdoseofleiyah (Instagram name) called #INC. This song gives you a 1990s meets 2000s real authentic Up North, inner city rap vibe with a southern twist of influenced rhymes. This track was produced by hit maker @RGtheBeatizCrazy, (Instagram name), which shows his […]

Book of the Week

I’m back this week with a #1 NEW YORK TIME’S BESTSELLER book of the week. This book that was written by Steve Harvey with Jeffrey Johnson, Act Like a Success Think Like a Success is not just any book for anybody. This book is for go getters and people determined to be successful in their crafts. It’s […]

Message of the Day

I have heard many people say or have seen post on social media of many people saying that they want to be happy. These people want to be happy without any worries or cares in the world. These people want to live life freely without any struggles in the world. These people want to feel […]