Interview: Thomas Overton


Our blog is all about finding the next best thing, “What’s Fresh? What’s New?”, and that’s what we did. We are an outlet for young people in everyday communities, either in Philly, Atlanta, Savannah, or where ever we can travel, to express themselves. We interviewed Philadelphia’s own urban creative writer, Thomas Overton. He introduces himself and his work to book readers, movie lovers, and urban publishers, who are interested in giving him a chance.  Continue reading “Interview: Thomas Overton”

Book of The Week

Every week we select a book that inspires us to read for the fun of reading. This week I have selected THE BOOK OF UNDERSTANDING by spiritual guru Osho. 9months ago, I delved into the courageous world of spirituality and self-love. While browsing on young actor/ rapper/ enthusiastist Jaden Smith’s instagram, I came across an unusual author named Osho and decided to start reading his books. Since then, I have read over 9 of his books in the time span of 9 months.
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Jaden Smith: Pushing Limits and Setting Trends


Jaden Smith, a 16-year old actor and rapper, has recently been seen out in public pushing limits in fashion, pop culture, challenging self-love, awareness, and not caring what anyone thinks of him. On April 17th, Jaden was seen partying it up at Coachella in Indio, California. He was sporting a long-drapping shirt/dress, with black flowy shorts, and a big red rose headband. Much like his new music on his EP album, “This is The Album”, Smith’s outfit   Continue reading “Jaden Smith: Pushing Limits and Setting Trends”

Dreads, Curly Fro, Nappy Fro, and Braids?


In the last three years, there has been a growing epidemic of people in the African American community rocking natural hairstyles. From dreadlocks, to the curly afro look, to the nappy afro-centric style, and all types of African braids. People of color have been embracing the ‘natural’ look. But what exactly is a ‘natural’ look?
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