Jaden Smith: Pushing Limits and Setting Trends


Jaden Smith, a 16-year old actor and rapper, has recently been seen out in public pushing limits in fashion, pop culture, challenging self-love, awareness, and not caring what anyone thinks of him. On April 17th, Jaden was seen partying it up at Coachella in Indio, California. He was sporting a long-drapping shirt/dress, with black flowy shorts, and a big red rose headband. Much like his new music on his EP album, “This is The Album”, Smith’s outfit   Continue reading “Jaden Smith: Pushing Limits and Setting Trends”

Dreads, Curly Fro, Nappy Fro, and Braids?


In the last three years, there has been a growing epidemic of people in the African American community rocking natural hairstyles. From dreadlocks, to the curly afro look, to the nappy afro-centric style, and all types of African braids. People of color have been embracing the ‘natural’ look. But what exactly is a ‘natural’ look?
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