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Aye y’all if you’re a Youtube Couple vlogging addict like us them you will love my family Quo and her man’s channel @SincereLYQuo on Instagram and YouTube. Like. Comment. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow them on IG. They’re millennials straight out of Atlanta. No Cap, they have great content and their new to this YouTube hussle.

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Marathon Mondays

The passing of our brother Nipsey Hussle, which occurred almost a month ago, crushed a lot of people’s hearts in the progression of the black communities worldwide and humanity as a whole, but we all promised that those who loved Hussle will continue his dreams of educating, monetizing and uniting ‘Black Success” on a daily basis. Yes, “The Marathon will Continue”.  Every Monday or whenever we feel the love, energy, or vibe from our fallen King, to motivate and educate you guys on current events, we will post Nipsey quotes or update you guys on all the endeavors Hussle set in motion before he left this Earth.

Keep the love pure. Keep being you. Stack your bread. Spread joy  and positive vibrations to all.

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Expectation Breaker of the week: MurdaMurda

We’re back this new year with another young talented millennial inspiring hard work, determination, and positive vibes. @MurdaMurdaTRS (Instagram), Expectation Breaker of the week showcases great new music from her latest mixtape, “Signing Off”.

“Signing OFF”, the mixtape, is a solo project from @MurdaMurdaTRS, from the rap duo @TRSMuzik, that expresses her creative craft in Hip Hop and storytelling from a first person and third person perspective. She’s metaphorically and literally ‘signing off’ from people in her past life, from past situations, and from past mistakes; and embracing new life changes, and manifesting her true intentions this new year.

Enjoy this video by @MurdaMurdaTRS, posted below, with many more singles to come.

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Expectation Breakers of the Week: Blessico the Society aka Blessico Clothing

This past weekend @blessthesociety, on Instagram, came together with friends, family and other young creatives in the city of Atlanta, Georgia to spread the love of giving back. Their brand and motif focuses on promoting a lifestyle of appreciation of all of the blessings we have in our lives, and this is exactly what they did for so many people in need during the season of giving Thanks and spreading love. These young people gave out food, water, shoes, shirts, hoodies, and other Blessico clothing to those who needed it the most, the homeless.
Thank you guys for always practicing your creative crafts in creating top-notch urban wear, and in blessing those around you.

Check out this video via @Instagram of this past weekend event, follow them on Instagram @blessthesociety, and shop with the family on 

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The Three Mmms: Meditation, Medication and Me…

Welcome, Welcome, WELLLLCOMEEE right on in, Expectation Breakers! We are back today with a little inner standing about loving, expressing, and protecting thyself each and everyday. Self care is a must on the ‘To Do List’ of life. However, sometimes it’s the second to last activity we engage in throughout our days. How can we help others in this Universe if we aren’t taking care of ourselves? Hmmm. Great question. The answer is well, you can’t. Point, blank, question mark? 

On the other hand, there are ways we can love, express and protect ourselves each and everyday, which is by meditating, medicating and being well within ourselves (mindfulness). Yes, it sounds simple and easy, but a lot of us aren’t taking care of ourselves. We are stressing ourselves out mentally, physically and emotionally, and hurting each other because we are sick and hurt. 

Meditation is a healing process in which we can experience each day. Well, it’s not really a process, but it is cathartic. Meditation is taking a couple minutes out our day, for beginners, or hours to quiet ourself. Quieting the world around us, outside us, but also quieting inside us can be done easily. Quieting the inside must come first, but if you have to go backwards to get started that’s fine too. 

Meditation is calming the mind of thoughts and focusing on either our breathes, heartbeats ( inside activity) , or background noise in the settings we are at in that moment. We may meditate while dancing, eating, drinkkng, or sleeping. Being and just being present is the key of meditation. Constantly hearing, seeing, and feeling the ‘NOW’ presence gives us such an emotional bliss, in which allows us to be in our natural state. We are beings that crave just ‘being’ in utter and total stillness.

When we become mindful of what and how we think, the foods we eat, the energy we allow to be around or express to others, and the activities we do daily, we began to change. We become the beings we want to be. It naturally creates itself. Like attracts like. Eating junk food and then wondering why we have upset stomachs is an example of unmindfulness. Eating food with Fiber, Calcium, Vitamins A-Z, protein, and other viable ailments that we already possess in our bodies gives the energy, the care, and the health our soul needs. This is our medicine. Food is love. Food is medicine. 

Sometimes we put other people or outside things before our own happiness because of unconscious habits. Taking care of ‘Me’ is as important if not more important than taking care of everyone else. Being and being mindful of how we are feeling daily creates great health. Meditation (breathing exercises, or quiet time), eating great food, taking walks, exercising, or just going out with friends are great ways of taking care of ‘Me’. We don’t even have to spend time with other people to get our ‘Me’ time. Doing all the things we love, emerging ourselves into total enjoyment in whatever we are currently doing gives us the healing we think we get from prescription drugs, or the outside world. And it’s free. 

All in all understanding and practicing the three Mmms: Meditation, Medication, and Me breathes life into us. If we practice these simple notions each day we become our greatest selves. Everything else in our life such as family, work, and health aligns itself. 

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