Music Monday Madness

Here’s a new song off @PMPMurd (Instagram) new EP, Even and Odds. To list to, download, or share music by artist @PMPMurd (Instagram) it is on all platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music, and Pandora.

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Marathon Mondays

It’s only been two months, but the Marathon Continues. All love and inspiration, my brothers and sisters. Reside In Paradise, Neighborhood Nip.

-Picture from Tumblr

Open your windows today, and let some fresh air in. Go for a walk and feel the breeze in your hair. Listen to music that not only makes your face smile, but also your soul. Burn some sage or read your favorite book, and see the many universes all at once collide into one. Play a morning affirmation or vibe to some frequency beats to get in tuned. Meditate and become your greatest self today. Y’all got it! Have a blessed day.

Watch “Chapstick Challenge “Tipsy” | Sincere LY Quo” on YouTube

Aye y’all if you’re a Youtube Couple vlogging addict like us them you will love my family Quo and her man’s channel @SincereLYQuo on Instagram and YouTube. Like. Comment. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow them on IG. They’re millennials straight out of Atlanta. No Cap, they have great content and their new to this YouTube hussle.

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Marathon Mondays

The passing of our brother Nipsey Hussle, which occurred almost a month ago, crushed a lot of people’s hearts in the progression of the black communities worldwide and humanity as a whole, but we all promised that those who loved Hussle will continue his dreams of educating, monetizing and uniting ‘Black Success” on a daily basis. Yes, “The Marathon will Continue”.  Every Monday or whenever we feel the love, energy, or vibe from our fallen King, to motivate and educate you guys on current events, we will post Nipsey quotes or update you guys on all the endeavors Hussle set in motion before he left this Earth.

Keep the love pure. Keep being you. Stack your bread. Spread joy  and positive vibrations to all.

Thanks for the love.  Thanks for reading and watching. The MARATHON CONTINUES!

Expectation Breaker of the week: MurdaMurda

We’re back this new year with another young talented millennial inspiring hard work, determination, and positive vibes. @MurdaMurdaTRS (Instagram), Expectation Breaker of the week showcases great new music from her latest mixtape, “Signing Off”.

“Signing OFF”, the mixtape, is a solo project from @MurdaMurdaTRS, from the rap duo @TRSMuzik, that expresses her creative craft in Hip Hop and storytelling from a first person and third person perspective. She’s metaphorically and literally ‘signing off’ from people in her past life, from past situations, and from past mistakes; and embracing new life changes, and manifesting her true intentions this new year.

Enjoy this video by @MurdaMurdaTRS, posted below, with many more singles to come.

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