Millennials: Should We Have Our Shit Together by age 25?Β 

Recently at work, I overheard two coworkers discussing the age range when we as people should have “our shit together”, or in laymen’s terms, be settled in into our lives. I laughed out loud to myself, and continued to work. They heard me laughing then asked, when did I think “we”, as people, should have “our shit together”.  I said well whatever I say is based on my perception, so it doesn’t really matter. As usual, or what happens in most of my conversations with people, they asked me what I meant by my statement, so I chimed in a little. Everything we are seeing, everything we are doing, and everything we are experiencing and or discussing are all perceptional. Nothing is as it seems.

We live in a world where we are trained to believe that we have to rush through life, and follow a particular formula in order to live or be “happy” or “successful”. In my ever being this is a false hope. The reality suggested is an illusion of someone elses view of life. 

As young as the age of four or five years old,  we as children are implemented into a system, an educational system that trains and manipulates us to live, breath, and think a certain way for twelve years. We are trained in behaviors to control our young creative and logical thoughts We are encouraged to follow orders from people in higher positions (superiors), rewarded when we “act” in ways our so called superior perceives as “right”, and discipled when our so called superior perceives them as “wrong”. We are put on a timed schedule throughout our day for an average of eight hours, and are always asked or told everything we are doing is important because it is shaping our future.  But is it really? Probably not.

Now, if  we observe all these things and then ask ourselves when is the right age to be settled into our lives to have “your shit together”, what answer do we actually get? How can anyone put an age on a lifestyle of manipulation or control? 

For me, I will never have my shit together, because I will never be settled into my life. I’m always growing, always creating, and always learning. I have the rest of my life to enjoy every moment of each day. If I worry about having life together at age twenty five, I will be miserable and unhappy. I am twenty four years old, in human years, and I am so young. I’m a baby evolving into a child, evolving into a adult, evolving into the universe. Why worry about anything?

 Lets enjoy this life. Let’s enjoy the now. Let’s be satisfied with waking up each morning with the sun shining through our windows. I am breathing today. This is satisfying. I am blessed. This is having my shit together! 

Tune into Your Vortex Tuesday: “Abraham Hicks”(rare video)

Listening to and watching Esther Hicks (Abraham Hicks) for months is as instictive as breathing daily. This rare video opens up and allows so many questions and feelings of their talks. Let’s create that life we want, feel, and agree with. Thanks for reading and watching! 

Quote of the Day

Via text message response to what’s been happening lately, globally and internally: “Everything has a response to its environment or situation. Dualities balance out its existence. It’s beauty in these storms. Lessons and reminders.”😊

Something New Saturday

Hello, everyone. It is a new day. A new day to be grateful for life, the people in it, and everything in and around it. Please enjoy your day if you must. Why not? Today is perfectly going the way it is supposed to go.

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Expectation Breaker of the Week: Jay Coss

This week we are bringing you guys a young man who is following his path and practicing his creative crafts in bodybuilding. This millennial is an athlete (bodybuilder), businessman, and public figure whom documents his many achievements and his journey as a successful Youtuber.

@Jayy_Coss is a Houston, Texas native who lives, breathes,and literally and figurately E.A.T.s health and fitness. His fun-loving, yet enthusiastic spirit drives his Youtube channel and Instagram, as he updates his 3,000 plus subscribers and 22,800 followers on his daily body improvements. @Jayy_Coss is an athlete at heart but also a professional. He is sponosered and teamed up with BeefitFoods, Apex Gym, and TNH. He is currently a 3X undefeated bodybuilder, 1X Phil Health Classic champ, and now training for the Miami Nationals as we write this post. 

We first noticed @Jayy_Coss while watching another successful Youtuber, as he was listed under a recommended video of their channel. His humor, determination, and drive made us follow his IG, subscribe, and like many videos On Youtube and photos on Instagram. Some of our favorite videos filmed by Jay are him with his friend and workout buddy Daquan. We know if we see @Jayy_Coss and Daquan together, they are going to eat, “talk their talk”, workout, talk their their talk while they workout, eat and then E.A.T. some more, all while keeping us motivated as we workout with them. We love to comment under his videos and photos on YouTube and Instagram how he is our “Workout Spirit Animal” because he pushes us to go harder and to “E.A.T.”. 

If you want to keep up with @Jayy_Coss as he trains for the Miami Nationals, or if you want to be entertained by an energetic workout guru, or maybe you just want to an online workout partner follow Jay Coss on IG, and or be apart of the E.A.T. Fam on Youtube: . We want to thank @Jayy_Coss for never limiting himself in all the great things he does. Keep EATing, keep lifting, and make those gains!

Thanks for Reading! 

Something New Saturday

Hello, Expectation breakers! We are back today to spread some love and understanding today. Something New Saturday is here for those souls who wish to do, create or think up something new in their lives. 

We woke up another day today. We are breathing another breath. We are hearing new voices. We are speaking new thoughts into actions today. How are you feeling in this moment right now? 

We are happy and thankful to be able to write to you today. Today we inspire others to write a list for themselves. Write a list, either numbered or conveying bullet points on places, things, people or desires you want to create in your life. You can give yourself a timeline such as “Goals for 2018” or something vague such as “My Wish List”. Be creative. Allow your mind to wonder and imagine all the things you want to have or do in your life that will bring love, happiness, and an abundance of peace. For example, “β€’Get headshots developed for modeling portfolio”.

Once you have created your list or lists, read them either to yourself or out aloud, and feel how each creation will make you feel once you’ve attained them. Feel how you will feel when you have it, and visualize yourself having these things or doing these things. Trick yourself into being child like and imagine yourself enjoying your life the way you want it to be. Appreacite the life you have. Give thanks to the world you live in, to the walk in your steps, to the food in your stomach, and or to the shelter over your head. Being grateful for everything that makes you happy in your life NOW will fuel a calming and securing feeling of genuity that will attract the life you will receive.
Let’s do something new today. Let’s create the feelings, the love, and the happiness that we all want in our lives each day. Let’s be the people we want to attract. Let’s allow prosperity into our lives and spread something new around us.

Thank You for Reading! 

Wall Crawler Wednesday

Yesterday, on our off day we decided to experience something different. If you guys don’t know by now NoExpectationers are most definitely lifers aka adventurous bka “jumpers into the abyss” if you get our drift. Nevertheless, we’ve been wanting to go rock climbing for months, so yesterday was the day to do it.

As you guys know, we are based out of Atlanta, Georgia and there are a million and one places to go rock climbing or to do anything else in the city. We stumbled upon a local rock climbing facility near Little Five Points/Moreland Avenue, which is also a Pilate’s and cross fit gym. 

When we first walked into the gym we were a little nervous. We’ve never been rock climbing and it was a room filled of beautiful, adventure-filt kids climbing different walls and ropes. A staff member greeted us, explained the rules, gave us rented harnesses, and helped us begin the climb on one of three beginner walls. 

If you haven’t been rock climbing before let us tell you guys something, it will most definitely get your upper body strength together. We were incredibly out of breath. A water bottle or a gallon of water (depending on how long you will be climbing that day) is a must have. Your arms, back, legs, and fingers/hands will get a lot of attention, so stretch before and after your climb. Those later aches and pains are worth the risk, the challenge, and the boldness of the climbs that encouraged them.

No matter where you’re at in Atlanta or anywhere else in the country or around the world and you want to do something daring, physically challenging, and or life changing, rock climbing is a catharsis. If you’re in the city of Atlanta I would recommend Wall Crawler Rock Club. The staff members are very hands on, knowledgeable, and professional. Anybody from all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds are welcomed and the climb is everything! 

Thanks for Reading!