What’s Hot and What’s NEW? QFilms

The Man Behind the Lens: Quenton Rucker By: Amber Green, NoExpectations4Us.com Today, more and more millennials are pushing limits and creating their own lanes in passions and crafts that excite them. We live in the Digital Age where information, opportunity, and risk taking can be accessed as quickly as a click of a button. Quenton […]

Power to the People

This blog post celebrates young millennials killing shit in their latest accomplishments. From selling out concerts, giving back to their communities or other communities, to graduating college, and even selling their first idea, this post goes out to you guys! Thanks for being you. 1.  @TRSMUZIK , @RGtheBEATizCRAZYand @SHYNEGRADY  “How We Get it” music video […]

SSU’s “Do The WRITE Thing: Screenwriting” with Nakia Stephens

Today, Savannah State hosted a QEP, Quality Enhancement Plan, lunch and learn forum called “Do The Write Thing: Screenwriting” with speaker Alumna Award-Nominated Nakia Stephens. This is the second time Miss Stephens came back to her alma mater to speak to current SSU students about screenwriting and her triumphant journey through this creative career choice. […]