Our Independence Day: Alton Sterling

For the last couples of years, I’ve personally stopped celebrating holidays because of the intentions of its establishment. Everyday is a holiday. Everyday is a celebration. One or two days out of the year shouldn’t just be a special day to enjoy life with those you love, nearest to your heart, but then again I […]

What’s Hot and What’s New: Cream x Coffee EP.102

If you haven’t started watching Cream X Coffee you have a chance to catch up on the new YouTube series all summer sixteen. With only three episodes so far, Damn Write Originals has a loyal following of over 2,000 viewers. Don’t miss out on great watchage! Keep up with the hottest web series online, Cream X Coffee, right here. […]

Book of the Week: The Power

I’ve been doing alot of reading lately, and I wanted to share some great books with you guys that may change your lives for the better. We all need a little encouragement sometimes, and if the encouragement can also improve your lifestyle then why not go for it. Our last book of the week, was […]

Quote of the Day

“When the heart is set right, then the personal life is cultivated, then the home is regulated.  When the home is regulated, then the national life is orderly: And when the national life is orderly, then the world is at peace.”  -Confucius (The Power; Byrne,R.) The greatest force in the world is love. With love, gratitude […]

What’s Hot and What’s New: CreamxCoffee

Upon graduating from undergrad, all I wanted to do is write. Well, that’s one thing I wanted to do. I wanted to go back to Atlanta, look for an apartment, buy a well working car, get employed at the most successful production company in the city, and take a couple trips out of the country. […]

Book of the Week: The Magic

It’s been awhile since we gave you guys a book of the week, but I just finished a great book that I had to share! For the last twenty-eight days, I have been reading this book called, The Magic written by Rhonda Byrne. I was introduced to the author, Rhonda Byrne last year when I stumbled upon […]

What’s Hot and What’s NEW? QFilms

The Man Behind the Lens: Quenton Rucker By: Amber Green, NoExpectations4Us.com Today, more and more millennials are pushing limits and creating their own lanes in passions and crafts that excite them. We live in the Digital Age where information, opportunity, and risk taking can be accessed as quickly as a click of a button. Quenton […]

What’s Hot And What’s New?: Hottlanta The Movie Premiere

Last night, the NoExpectations4Us team came out to support Mr.217, @two7teen (Instagram), and friends on their new movie Hottlanta. Hottlanta is a coming to age film about two friends, @two7teen and @Beyondrich_yt, from Atlanta, Georgia who are trying to become more relevant in the city by entering in a dance competition. They come across the […]

Book of the Week

I’m back this week with a #1 NEW YORK TIME’S BESTSELLER book of the week. This book that was written by Steve Harvey with Jeffrey Johnson, Act Like a Success Think Like a Success is not just any book for anybody. This book is for go getters and people determined to be successful in their crafts. It’s […]

Black Men in Film: Behind the Lens

A month or so ago, we did a post highlighting and celebrating the talented and beautiful black women in film. Those women were mostly screenwriters, playwrights, and or directors. This week we are highlighting our melanin men in film, prefarably behind the lenses. These are the innovative and creative photographers, videographers, and or filmmakers in […]