Expectation Breakers of the Week

It’s been awhile since we have highlighted our Expectation Breakers of the Week, but we’re back NO LIMITS, JUST PURE GOLD! In case you have forgotten, expectation breakers are individuals who gives it their all in pursuing their passions and crafts and set positive examples in their everyday communities. This week we’re going to briefly […]

Mixtape Madness Monday: TRS

Usually, our Tuesdays are dedicated to the female rap duo, @TRSMuzik, to acknowledge and celebrate their music updates, but today we decided to switch it up a little. Today, @TRSMuzik, comprised of @MurdaMurdaTRS and @LondonxAli, drops their Philamind$et mixtape. This mixtape has been a long time coming. The first of many more to come. Philamind$et is @TRSMuzik’s introduction […]

RIP Bankroll Fresh

We have to pay homage to one of the hardest working men in Atlanta Hip Hop, @streetmoneybankroll. Last Friday night, on March 4th, @streetmoneybankroll was shot and killed outside of his studio in Atlanta, Georgia. We support this man’s hustle, his drive, his humbleness, and his love for Atlanta. There’s no other way to celebrate […]

TRS Tuesday

On Friday, March 4th, TRS, @TRSMuzik (Instagram), were invited to speak at Utopian Academy For the Arts in Clayton County, Georgia. This performing arts school is filled with young and talented middle school kids who are interested in following their dreams in culinary arts, videography, artistry, music, writing, etc. Every Friday the faculty and staff […]

TRS Tuesday

  TRS is making themselves a household name in cities like Atlanta and Philadelphia, and sooner than later the rest of the world. If you don’t know by now TRS stands for Team Reck Shyt. These two female Hip-Hop artists have two music videos, shot by @ShyneGrady (Instagram), on YouTube going crazy with almost 1,000 views for “How […]

TRS Tuesday

TRS, @TRSMuzik (Instagram name), is back with a new track with female rapper Leiyah, @Uhdoseofleiyah (Instagram name) called #INC. This song gives you a 1990s meets 2000s real authentic Up North, inner city rap vibe with a southern twist of influenced rhymes. This track was produced by hit maker @RGtheBeatizCrazy, (Instagram name), which shows his […]